Sunrise LED teaches you waterproof and moisture-proof methods in rainy days

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With the rapid development of society, the use of LED displays is becoming more and more common, and humid and rainy weather is a major challenge for LED displays. How to waterproof and damp in rainy seasons is a problem to be solved by outdoor LED displays. Because the outdoor LED display itself is in a more complex environment than indoors, not only must we consider the problem of humidity, but also do daily maintenance such as waterproofing. Therefore, a good sealed installation can help the display reduce the risk of water ingress and clean the display regularly The dust attached to the inside and outside of the screen can also help the screen better dissipate heat and reduce the adhesion of water vapor.   black vehicle side mirror  
  • 1. Waterproof work in the production process
In the production and production of LED display screens, the PCB board must be anti-corrosive. The waterproof box used must be tightly sealed, and the screen must reach IP65. The welding place is the most susceptible to corrosion. Pay attention to the protection work. The frame is particularly susceptible to rust and anti-rust treatment.   led display factory  
  • 2. Waterproofing work required for site installation and construction
In the specific construction site; the combination of prevention and drainage in the structural design; after the structure is determined, according to the characteristics of the structure, a seal with properties such as a hollow bubble tube structure, small compression set and large elongation at break can be considered. Strip material; after selecting the seal strip material, it is necessary to design a suitable contact surface and contact force according to the characteristics of the seal strip material to make the seal strip compact. In some installations, waterproof slots, etc., do important protection to ensure that there is no accumulated water in the display.
  • 3. attention during daily use
Finally, outdoor screens need to be used often, because the display screen in working state itself generates some heat and can evaporate some water vapor, which greatly reduces the possibility of short circuits caused by humidity. Sunrise recommends that you use the LED screen at least once a week during the rainy season, turn on the screen at least once a month, and light it up for more than 2 hours.    

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