Technology | How to do lightning protection measures for outdoor LED screens in summer


In summer, there are many thunderstorms and bad weather is also a test for the LED display. The LED display has a high degree of integration of electronic components, and its sensitivity to interfe...

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Technology丨Signal challenges faced by small pitch LEDs entering the room  


The traditional LED display screen is basically based on a single or a small amount of signal outdoor display. The appearance of small-pitch LEDs makes it possible for LEDs to enter the field of in...

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Technology | Eight advantages of small pitch LED display in conference room


In recent years, with the continuous rise in market demand and the deepening of the strategic layout to expand into new markets, small-pitch LED display companies have “focused on” the ...

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Technology | Analysis of the reasons why the LED electronic display cannot be loaded


With the rapid development of LED electronic display screens, electronic display screens are ubiquitous, whether in outdoor squares, conference displays, security monitoring, or schools, stations, ...

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Technology | What is the effect of LED display under high temperature working condition


In today’s increasingly widespread application of LED display screens, in order to maximize the use of display screens, application companies should have basic knowledge of LED display maint...

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Technology丨Fault analysis and solutions for half-bright and half-bright LED display


What if the LED display is only half bright? There is no way to start. In reality, this situation is impossible to start. If we want to solve this reason, we must understand the specific reasons th...

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Technology | Eight Important Points for Installation and Storage of LED Display


Nowadays, the application of LED display screens is quite common. As a precision electronic product, the environment and operation methods of the transportation, storage and installation of LED dis...

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Quickly install the Sunrise Mesh LED Display, which is very convenient, saves labor


  Galaxy X series mesh LED display

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Technology | What is the front maintenance LED screen? What are its significant advantages?


The maintenance methods of LED display are mainly divided into pre-maintenance and post-maintenance. Post-maintenance large-scale LED display screens that are widely used in building exterior wall...

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Under the wave of new infrastructure, the development trend of smart transportation display


The new infrastructure is called a new type of infrastructure construction. It mainly strengthens the construction of 5G base stations, UHV, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit, new...

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Technology | What packaging technologies are included in LED small pitch displays?


At present, the LED small-pitch display has become an indispensable display device in many industries. Whether it is the application of upstream chips, midstream packaging, and downstream packaging...

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Technology | Sterilization strategy for small pitch LED display


In 2020, a new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak. For a time, masks, medical alcohol and 84 disinfectant were sold out, strengthening anti-virus and disinfection measures, became an important means fo...

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