Advantages of large screen advertising machine


Here are some descriptions of the benefits of advertising machines: Attract attention: Advertising machines display advertising content with dynamic images, audio and video, which is easier to attr...

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Indoor small pitch LED HD display


Indoor small pitch LED HD display is a high-resolution, high-brightness LED display designed specifically for indoor environments such as conference rooms, business centers, stage performances, TV...

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Does the LED film screen have a waterproof function?


  LED film screens have a certain waterproof function, but not a full waterproof function. Although LED film screens have a certain waterproof ability, in principle, they should be kept away fr...

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Main components of LED virtual shooting system | Sansi Display


XR (Extended Display) #Virtual shooting technology is a new generation of virtual shooting techniques based on the real-time rendering capability of computer virtual engines, integrating VR, AR an...

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Why are some outdoor LED screens quoted high and some quoted low?


First of all, there are many types of LED screens, including monochrome, dual-color, and full-color. The price of monochrome is the lowest, followed by dual-color, which is slightly higher than mo...

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LED holographic screen: the future vision is within reach


I. Technology-led, new vision 1. Lightweight and beautiful: The thickness of the LED holographic screen is less than 2mm, and it weighs only 6kg per square meter, which can easily achieve a large-...

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LED screens show brilliant colors and lead modern propaganda


Imagine that when you walk into a spacious and bright conference room, a huge LED screen comes into view, showing clear and bright text and images. Would you be shocked? When you stand on the stre...

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Several major features of full-color screen display surface-mount LED technology


01   Wide viewing angle   (1) First, check to see if the serial port cable used to connect to the controller is loose or has fallen off. (If it turns black during the initial loading...

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The advantages of outdoor LED large screens are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. Strong visual impact: With its large size, high-definition picture quality and dynamic display, outdoor LED large screens can touch the audience’s senses in an all-round way, effectively ...

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Small-pitch LED display: Breaking boundaries and creating infinite possibilities


The development of technology continues to break through the boundaries of traditional display technology, creating unlimited possibilities for all walks of life. The following is an analysis of t...

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Causes of LED junction temperature and methods to reduce it


The use of high-power LED lighting equipment is increasing. The brightness of high-power LEDs is actually proportional to their current. At the same time, the forward current of high-power LEDs ch...

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The following aspects should be considered when selecting an LED stage screen:


1. Screen selection   The LED stage screen consists of a main stage screen, a secondary screen, and an extended screen. The main screen is used for live broadcast and wonderful playback. Ge...

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