Mid Autumn Festival activities of Sunrise Team


  Sunrise wishes everyone a Happy Mid Autumn Festival   Sunrise LED Display manufacturer

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Do you know all the seven common sense of LED display?


With the continuous development of economy and society, the application of LED display screen is more and more extensive. Whether you walk in streets, or in busy urban squares and high-end entertai...

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Sunrise led team birthday party


Sunrise team is a big family. Today is our birthday party for our colleagues whose birthday is in December. Among them, you are familiar with Daisy and jamdar, who are excellent salesmen. The other...

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Technology丨The quality of the original LED transparent screen is judged like this


How to judge whether the LED transparent screen is good or bad? Some people say that the quality of the cabinet can be roughly judged by the appearance. Is that true? Brightness comparison Place ...

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Sunrise participated in the 2020 LED Display Spring Online Canton Fair


This is our homepage of the Canton Fair online and the products we sell The Sunrise team conducted an online live broadcast at the Canton Fair and attracted many customers.  

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Are Samsung and LG withdrawing from the LCD market one after another, is it an opportunity for domestic LED manufacturers or a starting gun for the new track?(2)


“Catfish effect” drives display technology change and promotes industry growth Although, on the surface, international manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. have t...

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Technology | Precautions for choosing hotel banquet room LED display


Generally in an indoor environment, the LED display area of ​​the banquet hall will exceed 3 square meters. Therefore, in this case, there are three options for ordinary rear projection, DLP ...

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In Orlando Infocomm 2015:An interesting fair


Sunrise has set up the relationship with USA since it established in Jan. 2007.When we stepped into the land of USA, it was amazing and excited.As the most developed country in the world, USA has a...

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Sunrise shows on ISE Amsterdam 2015


Amsterdam, the center of Holland, with magic power, tulips,windmills,attracts a lot of people to visit it from all over the world. Here’s also another important activity in Amsterdam each yea...

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