Technology|How to adjust the brightness of led display? Introduction of LED display brightness adjustment method


LED display brightness adjustment method One is to change the current flowing through the LED. Generally, the continuous working current of the LED tube is about 20 mA. Except for the saturation ph...

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From “B” to “C”, what is the next step after the LED display channel sinks?


At present, the popularity of mini / micro led in the market tends to be flat, but screen enterprises are still paying continuous attention. The major screen enterprises are promoting the R & D...

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Application field analysis of LED transparent screen


For the traditional LED display, the traditional LED display is bulky and expensive, which is not conducive to maintenance. The installation requires a lot of transportation and installation labor ...

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Technology | what if the LED display module fails? Why does the module have color deviation?


No matter how high the cost and quality of outdoor LED display are, it is inevitable that there will be faults in the outdoor wind and rain, such as bad lights, local black screens and so on. So wh...

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Technology | analysis of naked eye 3D display technology


At present, the naked eye 3D large screen market is hot, and 3D technology is also known as 3D display technology. Naked eye 3D display includes parallax barrier technology, cylindrical lens techno...

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Technology | characteristics and evolution trend of background system with mini pixel pitch display screen


Through nearly five years of development, small spacing LED display has greatly improved the clarity of display panel. With the increase of density, the difficulty of further reducing the pixel spa...

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Technology | application of LED strip screen in various scenes


With the upgrading of consumption trend and the construction of diversified urban space, the demand for the expressiveness and extensibility of the business environment continues to increase, and t...

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Technology | four installation methods of LED transparent screen


The installation method of transparent screen is much more convenient than that of other common box displays. Most transparent screens are lighter and thinner in weight and lighter in structure. Th...

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Technology – Characteristics of LED display power supply


What functions should the power supply of outdoor LED display have to meet the demanding power supply needs of LED display? Below we have collected some professional LED display power features. Und...

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Technology – is the brightness of LED display really the higher the better?


As we all know, led, as a new light-emitting technology, is based on light-emitting diodes. The characteristics of low energy consumption and high brightness are inherent. Therefore, LED displays a...

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At the closing of the Winter Olympics, the curtain of LED display taking off again has opened!


The Beijing Winter Olympics came to an end yesterday. From the opening to the closing, it once again amazed the world with the power of science and technology and innovative ideas. In line with the...

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How can LED digital virtual studio make film shooting easier?


In the film and television industry, there has always been a question: does green screen shooting make shooting more difficult or simpler? The existence of green screen is to restore the real scene...

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