• Rocky series 500X1000mm
  • Rocky series 500X1000mm
  • Rocky series 500X1000mm
  • Rocky series 500X1000mm

Rocky series 500X1000mm

Product Specification:

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Product Description

Rocky 500x1000mm

Sunrise Latest 500x1000mm Rental Cabinet with Easy Maintenance

The Lifting Handles with Humanity Design

When lifting the cabinet people can feel more comfortable and relaxed.
Support 1 Person to  Climb to Finish Maintenance
If there are an issue with a cabinet, you can climb to this cabinet and take the back cover off from cabinet.
Climbing support design makes the installation more convenient!
Model No.
Pixel pitch
Pixel Density
65410 pixel/㎡
43222 pixel/㎡
5500 cd/㎡
5500 cd/㎡
1/16 scan
1/13 scan
Panel Dimension (W*H*D)
Panel Resolution
128×256 pixels
104×208 pixels
Cabinet Material
Die casting aluminum
Max power Consumption
Average power Consumption
Viewing Angle
H: 120° V:120°
Refresh Rate
Gray Scale
IP Rating
Operating Temperature
-20℃~ +60 ℃
100,000hrs ( about 11 years)
Storage Temperature
-30℃~ +70 ℃
There is no gap between modules.

The cabinet is  custom made and has very good precision.

CNC processing with  tolerance within 0.02mm.

The module is 250*500mm.

Which can make LED display look  like a complete screen.

The module dimension is 250*500mm.

Comparing to traditional 250*250 mm, the 250x500mm can reduce the quantity of gap between modules and make LED display a completely seamless screen.


Q1. What’s fast delivery time? 

The production can be controlled as fast as you need from 7 days to 25 days. 

Q2. Can I just wait for the items at my door and no need to do others? 

Yes, items can be delivery to your specific address and you just wait for receiving the items at your door and nothing to do. 

Q3. The display will come to me in parts?and i have to install each part together? 

Yes, but it’s quite easy. We will send you the instruction and also we can remote to help you to adjust the software, everything. 

Q4. What’s the function of video processor? 

It can transfer the video source to make the screen performance more clear. Sometimes there has HD camera, so that the performance can show themselves on the screen as well. Video processor can control stage lights together. 

Q5. How can I install the led display? 

There are two options, one is hanging the display, the other is standing the display. Hanging bars and back stacking will be provided.

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