The most complete LED display installation method

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LED display products are currently used in many areas of the market. According to different application fields and installation environments, LED display installation methods are also different. Today, Liangcai will organize a set of the most complete LED display installation methods in history for everyone to learn from. This time mainly introduces 6 common installation methods such as hanging type, floor type, embedded type, column type, support type, and wall mounting type.   1.Hanging   1) This installation method is mostly used indoors and semi-outdoors 2) It is generally used at the entrances of passages and corridors, and also at the entrances of stations, train stations, subway entrances, etc. 3) Used for traffic guidance on highways, railways, and expressways 4) The design of the screen body generally adopts an integrated cabinet design or a lifting structure design   2.Mosaic installation method 1) The entire LED display is embedded in the wall, and the display plane is on the same level as the wall 2) Generally adopt simple box design 3) Generally used before maintenance (front maintenance design) 4) This installation method is used indoors and outdoors, but it is generally used with a screen with a small pitch and a small display area. 5) Generally used in building entrances, building halls, etc.   3. Post type (single column and double column) There are many types of column installation methods, which are generally used as outdoor billboards: 1) Single column installation: suitable for small screen applications 2) Double-pillar installation: suitable for large screen applications 3) Closed maintenance access: suitable for simple box 4) Open maintenance channel: suitable for standard cabinet   4.Wall-mounted installation 1) This installation method is usually used indoors or semi-outdoor 2) The display area of ​​the screen is small, and there is generally no space for maintenance passages. The entire screen is removed for maintenance, or a folding integrated frame is made. 3) The screen area is slightly larger, and the front maintenance design is generally used (that is, the front maintenance design is usually assembled in columns)   5, roof-mounted installation 1) This installation method is the key to the wind resistance of the display and the steel frame structure. 2) Generally with oblique angle installation, or the module adopts 8 ° oblique design 3) Mostly used for outdoor advertising display   6. Leasing and hoisting methods   The ceiling screen should not be large. The general requirements are below 6M * 10M. Exceptions to special cabinet materials and curtain ceremonies. There is a hanging beam at the top and a bottom beam at the bottom. The hanging beam is used for hoisting the screen. The row and row boxes are connected by a hoisting mechanism, and the locks between the horizontal boxes are tightened. The lifting mechanism is divided into gear type, tapered rod type and bolt type. Has the following different characteristics: 1. Gear type is more expensive and beautiful. 2. Cone rod type is moderately priced and reliable. 3. The bolt type is the cheapest and reliable, and the assembly is relatively troublesome, which is suitable in the case of repeated disassembly.   In the actual engineering installation, there are some other installation methods, which are not introduced here one by one. These six are relatively common installation methods, and the installation is relatively difficult. The most important thing is to require the installer to strictly implement the installation operation process to ensure that the screen installation is qualified and safe. Only in this way can the display effect of the LED display be truly exerted and the advertiser's requirements can be achieved.  

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