LED display VS projector, who is better?


In the indoor meeting room, LED display and projector are the two main display products, but many users do not know what the difference is when they buy, do not know which display product should b...

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wo easy ways to read LED bead parameter indicators


LED lamp bead parameter indicators are more, compared with most non-electronic professional friends, in order to understand the LED market, you must understand some basic knowledge of LED lamp bea...

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How much do you know about LED light efficiency, LED thermal resistance, LED light decay?


LED light failure, heat dissipation throughout the entire industry chain from chip manufacturing, packaging process, material selection, lighting development, the current industry on the concept o...

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Do you know the breakpoint resume technology of LED grid screen?


With the technological upgrade of LED display screens, LED product updates are also very fast, and the products are becoming more and more diversified. And as everyone understands more and more ab...

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Stadium LED display requirements mainly cover the following aspects:


1. High brightness and high contrast: the stadium is usually in a strong light environment, so the LED display needs to have high brightness to ensure that it can maintain a clear display effect u...

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What are the requirements of the stadium LED display?


The stadium LED display mainly displays live events, game time, scoring, sponsor advertising, etc., which are generally distributed inside and outside the stadium. It can make the audience feel a ...

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LED electronic display five key technologies


At present, various media publicity has been widely developed, and the number of exposed information displays in public places is increasing. People have higher and higher requirements for the col...

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The diverse applications of LED screens


After years of development, LED displays have gradually shed the traditional display facade, and various creative display products such as LED small pitch displays, LED flexible screens, and LED t...

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In what ways is the LED screen affixed to the exterior stronger than the plug-in lamp?


With the continuous progress of LED display production technology, people’s requirements for viewing effects are getting higher and higher, and new products developed by LED display manufact...

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LED display construction scheme and construction process


First, construction preparation   (1) Technical preparation   1) Joint review of drawings before construction.   2) Before construction, technical disclosure should be carried...

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Outdoor LED display effective cooling method


LED display due to the density of pixels itself heat is large, long-term outdoor use, the internal temperature is bound to gradually climb, especially the area is relatively large [outdoor LED dis...

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LED dead light causes of the chip


Big data shows that the causes of LED dead lights may be more than 100 kinds, limited to time, today we only take LED light source as an example, from the LED light source one of the five raw mate...

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