Technology丨[Six troubleshooting techniques] Let you get rid of the confusion that the LED display cannot load images


In the process of using the LED display screen, sometimes the LED display screen cannot load images. Many users are at a loss when encountering this problem and do not know what to do? In order to ...

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Flood disasters occur frequently in many places in southern my country. Can small spacing help flood control?


Using video to command flood control and disaster relief, scientific rescue will become a trend The video flood control monitoring system is based on the technology of the traditional video monitor...

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Technology | Efficient application LED display cleverly “anti-aging”


LED advertising screen media also has the advertising characteristics of high effective reach rate. Compared with media placement forms such as TV and newspapers, the price of LED display screens i...

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The cinema is finally open! Is it time to restart the LED movie screen market?


  After the epidemic consumption rebounded, the cinema line bear the brunt   On April 29, the National Film Administration held a video conference on the work of the film system in resp...

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With the rise of the “outdoor” digital signage market, can LED displays become the overlord of display terminals in this field?


In the first half of the year, due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia, the impact of various industries was different. Taking the LED display industry as an example, the demand for traditi...

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Technology | What is 4K, 8K LED display?


Nowadays, small-pitch LED screens are widely used in many fields that require professional display images, precisely because of their proud ultra-high-definition display technology. Relatively spea...

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Creative ideas! Take you to see the whimsy of the content displayed on the LED display


Some time ago, the “Julang” idea on the streets of South Korea showed that a wave of heat, the immersive realistic effect, astounded everyone, attracted passersby to punch in, and brought traffic t...

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Technology丨Several key issues that cannot be ignored in LED products


Needless to say, LED products currently have a very broad market prospect, especially in the field of lighting. If the LED light source can be widely used in the field of lighting, it will be a rev...

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Technology | How to do lightning protection measures for outdoor LED screens in summer


In summer, there are many thunderstorms and bad weather is also a test for the LED display. The LED display has a high degree of integration of electronic components, and its sensitivity to interfe...

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Technology丨Signal challenges faced by small pitch LEDs entering the room  


The traditional LED display screen is basically based on a single or a small amount of signal outdoor display. The appearance of small-pitch LEDs makes it possible for LEDs to enter the field of in...

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Technology | Eight advantages of small pitch LED display in conference room


In recent years, with the continuous rise in market demand and the deepening of the strategic layout to expand into new markets, small-pitch LED display companies have “focused on” the ...

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Technology | Analysis of the reasons why the LED electronic display cannot be loaded


With the rapid development of LED electronic display screens, electronic display screens are ubiquitous, whether in outdoor squares, conference displays, security monitoring, or schools, stations, ...

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