The market status and future trend of LED chip are analyzed

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LED display market in 2015 with small spacing, high quality specifications products have been greatly favored by the market, the market has shown significant growth, the hottest is the Chinese market.Other markets, including south east Asia, northeast Asia, North America, Europe, the Middle East and South America, which hosted the Olympics in Brazil in 2016, are also opening fast.The author interviewed the LED chip and related manufacturers at home and abroad, and provided the latest market intelligence and trend analysis.

At present, LED Display? is mainly divided into indoor and outdoor screens. The main buyers are commercial space operators, which are used for public space advertising films and advertising posters.In the past, the products in this field were dominated by low-order LED products. The spacing between leds was large, the resolution of the same dimension was relatively low, and the LED used was relatively small.But thanks to the LED chip and the progress of packaging technology, can appear narrow row surface with LED spacing, small spacing LED display can have higher resolution, as long as the audience have compare and viewing, can feel quite obvious stroke qualitative progress, there are more and more advanced market buyers order.

Small spacing of the LED market in a short span of three years to obtain rapid growth, the Chinese market, the major manufacturers favor of DE, chau Ming photoelectric, etc., Taiwan manufacturers representative is light, macro qi, and so on, the LED manufacturers in the field of global LED display between cultivated achievements acknowledged, including 11, Daktronics and international companies, etc., is on the stage, theatres, stadiums, public and commercial space of LED display, LED manufacturers, LED display market in recent years also cut into small spacing, triggered a new wave of business opportunities.

The biggest benefit?The main measure of benefit greatly increases the order.

LED display adopts LED packaging, which is reduced from 3 lamp sizes to 3535, 3030 and other 3-in-1 (3-in-1) specifications, and the pixel distance is also continuously reduced.In this way, LED display with the same area can be used to increase the number of LED particles, and the growth of LED chip in the field can be brought along.

Because this several years of LED technology mature, luminous efficiency, so the brightness of the LED chip is brighter than ever, in the past, outdoor LED display for the LED chip is not enough light, a single module with 20 ma current drive, now as long as with current of 10 ma, or even lower, overall save electricity as much as half.

In the outdoor LED display market, in the past, commercial space owners were reluctant to purchase high quality LED display screens or larger LED displays, which were mainly due to the power consumption.After the actuation, the new standard LED display will consume less power, and the advertising revenue generated will be better, and the willingness of the manufacturer to purchase orders will increase, bringing more orders.

The director of the RGBLED display products of Taiwan's LED lei crystal factory said the LED energy saving screen could attract more buyers because of lower power consumption.For example, the early products in the market to help the LED display the heat dissipation of the screen, so the use of more electric fans to help the heat dissipation, not only caused a thick and heavy sense of feeling, but also consumed more power consumption.And now the new LED display, due to the use of energy-saving design, its cooling effect is better, not only greatly reduce the whole screen, power consumption and save the screen cost of circuit layout, the design more simple and flexible, thickness, weight, more can save transport and human installation costs.Such energy-saving products are also indirectly supported by local government standards, and the benefits are recognized.

The market for indoor LED display shows a similar trend - the brightness of the new technology increases, and the driving current can be reduced.Mainstream in the field, in the past LED packaging specifications is 3528, now replaced by 2121, 2020, distance narrowed, so use LED particle number per unit area increased, each other distance is less than 2.5 mm, can already make P1.9, P1.6 high specifications, and also there is no visual defects of the seam.If the combination of drive IC, color and surface performance can be better.As the evolution of specifications, about the positive effects of the market also like this kind of small spacing make of high quality LED display screen, delimit faceted clear, in more applications include shopping centers, shopping malls and other indoor commercial space.

The future trend of LED chips for display screens.

The small spacing LED display has a market share of about 10% in the current stage, which is rapidly improving.The trend in the future market will be:

1. Smaller LED.

The three sizes of 1010, 0909 and 0808 are relatively easy to make with LED.With the existing 0808LED packaging, the LED display products with small spacing P1.2 can be realized.The smaller size, such as 0505, 0606, is more expensive, and the cost is mainly from cutting test and picking.

2. Commercialization of ultra-high resolution products.

Higher resolution products are attractive to some higher-order commercial advertisers, so the highly rated 2K LED display is a highly favored high-order model for shopping malls.Future if there are 4 k specifications on the market of LED display screen, the related costs are more mature and P0.8 spacing of the following specifications will be in addition to war room application, nova, commercial space of higher order need longer to have the opportunity to see the results commercialization.

In the future technology development direction, LED chip size should shrink to how small?With the existing LED packaging materials such as 0505 and 0404, it is the limit of the current commercial packaging size. Only the higher quality, such as the aforementioned 4K and 8K requirements, can be commercialized.LED manufacturers will be able to overcome the problem of small size and line problems in the future, and even unpackaged products with appropriate protection of non-traditional LED packaging.

RGB LED chips are consistent.

LED display can satisfy the market customers, must have good consistency.The photoelectric characteristics and quality of LED require high specification rather than brightness. In the case of small current, the brightness and wavelength are consistent, which is suitable for small spacing products.

In the current RGB LED field, the factory is a very good manufacturer.Chinese manufacturers are also increasingly turning to full-color leds, or RGB leds.However, since RGB LED has three colors to match each other, many manufacturers do not perform well in red LED.

The red light LED has a leading position in the global red LED field, and has a good red LED platform to match the green and blue leds.The company is now ahead of its competitors and will continue to push itself to improve its energy and output quality.

The full IP can help the LED screen to be exported smoothly.

RGB LED crystal electricity as well as excellent platform for the red light LED has quite a powerful strength of patents, and in the international market have more director will require patent LED chip, therefore, the crystal electricity LED to encapsulate and build LED display, will be able to get the favour of traders, buyers.In the European and American markets, many customers specify that the leds should be used for display.In other words, if the LED products are exported overseas, the crystal chips are more suitable than those without patents.As long as the LED packaging manufacturers with good anti-uv, waterproof function, will be very competitive products.

Overseas markets, in addition to Europe and the United States, LED display market in southeast Asia, South Asia and South America market growth will be good, more large shopping malls, public space, the airport will import more high-profile small spacing LED display.Market will more effectively solve the problem of the LED display light pollution, with the Internet of things, intelligent control, intelligent adjustment, etc., under the different environment brightness, to adjust the brightness of the screen output, luminance, and so on parameters.

In the global LED display market, the market size of small space products will be doubled in 2015, and the business opportunities of related LED driving IC, LED modules and cooling components will be available.

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