The top ten trends of full color display screen

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Display more and more popular in recent years, the full color LED display screen and liquid crystal display plasma display for the display market, full-color LED display as a branch of the LED display, LED display in the prominent effect also won the welcome of the market.LED full color screen will continue to improve product technology, expand market space, and give full play to the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, and achieve a better and innovative application.Boil down to, the future LED full-color display screen will appear screen super flow, high density, energy saving, intelligent, slim, point by point calibration normalization, civilian and screen, outdoor, indoor decorative landscape and display screen, combining enterprise engaged in development trend of lighting the top tenfull color led display screen.

1. The screen is super large.

The rise and development of full-color LED displays screen provide the basis and appeal for the supersizing of the screen.At present, some specific markets, such as large advertising business circles and large amusement places, to attract more advertising owners and audiences, vigorously build a large LED display screen.

The world's largest LED display screen is always on record. According to relevant statistics, there are seven classic cases of LED full-color screen in the world.First, Beijing water cube.The world's largest LED display, with a total area of 12,000 square meters, has attracted worldwide attention.Second, guangzhou haixinsha fengfan LED display screen.The 2010 guangzhou Asian games opening and closing ceremonies of the important design, is currently the world's mobile LED display the most representative works, is the highest technology combined with high-tech full control, the total area of eight thousand square meters.Third, suzhou yuanrong times square.Touted as the world's first LED awning, total length of 500 meters, is currently the world's known as the total length of the LED backdrop, the total area of seven thousand five hundred square meters, is located in suzhou industrial park, times square, thus become a new landmark in suzhou.Fourth, Las Vegas skyline.400 meters long, covering an area of more than 6,000 square meters, is one of the most prosperous local areas.Fifth, Beijing world trade day's sky curtain.Beijing commercial center, 250 meters long, covers an area of 6,000 square meters.Sixth, chengdu global center Ocean Park.This is the latest project of indoor LED display, covering an area of 4,080 square meters, which is the king of indoor full-color LED display in the world.Seventh, New York times square.The LED display, which is built as a carrier, is a unique landscape in New York.

In the future, the ultra-large size of LED full color screen will show more amazing projects, which is the trend of industry development and the progress of social development.However, it is important to note that the full color screen should consider the product quality of the display screen and the positive energy resulting from it.

High density.

High density is the development trend of full color screen.In order to obtain better ornamental effect, people require to display a picture from simple full-color to realistic, restore the authenticity of color, but also on the smaller screen implementation like TV and comfortable, clear image display.Therefore, the high-definition display with high density small spacing LED display will be the future development trend.

And large area display, full color is high density on the smaller screen for better display effect, especially the density such as LED TV screen if you want to achieve in the field of commercial, high-end residential areas, to further expand, solve the technical problem is the key.In the past, the indoor screen was highlighted, while the high density display was used indoors. The high brightness was not suitable for human eyes. In the low light, the high density and high brush were the technical problems of high density screen.Today, high-density screen to become the industry a hot product, many companies continue to pursue but the real technical height and the property of the whole machine system integration enterprise rare, in the future, this is also need to break through.

Iii. Energy conservation

Energy conservation is the direction of any industry in our country.LED full color screen relates to the use of electricity and operating costs, so energy saving is related to the interests of LED full-color screen operators, and it is also related to the use of national energy.From the current situation, the energy-saving display screen will not add too much cost to the conventional screen, and it will save cost and be praised by the market in the later use.

In the future, the energy-saving of LED full color screen will be a chip of enterprise competition.However, energy conservation is a trend, but it can not be used as a gimmick for enterprise competition, and the data of energy saving cannot be marked by enterprises at will.At present, some enterprises in the market are trying to attract eyeballs, which are 70% energy saving, 80% energy saving and so on, but the real energy saving effect is hard to measure.In addition, the concept of energy saving and high brightness is deliberately confused with the concept that the energy saving effect of the display is completely dependent on the high brightness, which is also incorrect concept.

As the energy conservation of LED display, under various indicators must be integrated as a result, highlighting the LED lamp, drive IC, switching power supply, the power consumption of the product design, intelligent system design and structure design of energy conservation and other related to the energy saving effect, thus to achieve the goal of energy saving needs the joint efforts of the whole industry.

Iv. Intelligence

Like the energy-saving, the intelligent LED full color screen development to a certain stage of the product.The intelligent display of LED full color screen is reflected in the cooperation between the display screen and intelligent operation, such as the new advertising mode of interactive game on subway advertisement screen which started at the end of last year.Through the intelligent sensing of LED display, people involved in the activity only need to draw with their hands to complete various actions on the screen, including making breakfast, playing games and so on.This kind of intelligent and interactive advertising form has been well received by the audience and will appear on more advertising screens in the future.

In addition, the LED full color also can realize the experience of intelligent broadcast control way, especially in the LED display and modern electronic devices such as mobile phones, the function such as for the remote control on demand, intelligent and video, it will display the future more creativity, use of modern technical support.

5. Lightness

In order to meet the needs of modern society, the full color screen of LED is working hard on the inner quality of the product, while the other side also works hard on the appearance, volume and weight of the product.The lightweight full-color screen is not only conducive to the installation and maintenance of the product, but also lightens the load for the supported building objects, which is safer and more beautiful.

The lightness of LED full-color screen has LED to the light trend of related devices and components, such as the increasingly frivolous power supply products and the thinner and thinner casing.

In recent years, there have been many cases of falling and falling all over the country, which has aroused people's concern about the safety of full color screen.In the future, when the light-weight screen becomes the main form, the weight of the display itself will be greatly reduced, and the safety hazard will be reduced.

6. Normalize the calibration point by point.

As the application of LED full color screen is more and more extensive, people's pursuit of screen display is not limited to the effect of the initial time, but it is hoped that the better picture effect can be maintained after a period of time.In the last few years, LED full color screen point correction technology is only a new technology, only a large, high-end screen can be used.More importantly, people do not care about the point-by-point correction of full color screen and lack of awareness.

As indoor, outdoor full color LED project more and more, the quality of different screen began to appear in the field of vision of people, by contrast, without a point by point correction displays obviously can not meet the requirements of the owner and the attention of the audience.Point-by-point correction technology is maturing and prices are falling, and this beneficial technology makes the display of LED full-color screens even better.In the future, point-by-point correction will become the normal technology of full color screen.

Seven, full color screen civilian.

In the past, the use of LED displays was mostly high-end and upscale, such as Banks, stock exchanges, and so on.The appearance of full color screen breaks the use category of the display screen, and quickly expands the application space into indoor and outdoor space.The progress of technology, the plummeting price and the mature service level have made China's LED full color screen become a world manufacturing power, which has caused the climax of the domestic full color screen.

The users of LED full-color screen are also gradually turning to the civilian class from the former tuhao people, and all of them can be purchased and used by the small and medium-sized hotels, public businesses, private entertainment venues and so on.Even the traditional single and double color door screen is gradually replaced by full color screen, and LED full color screen also starts to enter the ordinary individual business households.Maybe one day, we'll see all kinds of commercial information ads on all colors, and these are the ones that have been replaced by the original single-color display.

8. Indoor screen outdoors.

Outdoor advertising development created a broad application for LED display space, traditional advertising media companies to strengthen outdoor display screen layout, preemption around business circle, even LED display manufacturers are to join the army of outdoor advertising industry, directly involved in market competition.

The market of outdoor LED display has promoted the development of full color screen.Due to the complex environment of installation, outdoor LED display technology requires high technology, which not only needs to deal with all kinds of bad climate change, but also protects against chemical gas such as automobile exhaust.A few years ago, outdoor LED full-color screens were almost all in the world.The change in this trend is due to advances in the appearance of SMD technology.The color screen on the exterior of the household is more obvious than the direct interpolation in the display, aesthetics, visual Angle and maintenance of the screen, and it is more suitable for outdoor use.

However, there is still a lack of technical improvement on the display screen of the indoor surface, especially for the domestic products.In addition, compared with the traditional direct - plug lamp, the price of the product is obviously higher.In the market where prices are king, the wide application of table stickers on outdoor displays will take time.

In the future, it will gradually replace the direct-plug products and realize the development trend of indoor screen outdoors.At the same time, the appearance of the full color screen and the combination of the high density products, has now been used to apply the P5 and the following high - density household surface stickers.

9. Decoration, landscape and display screen merge.

When the buildings in the city are bold and innovative in the use of LED full-color display, how to combine the display screen with the architecture to become the customer's requirement.In many cases, a building itself is a unique design. If you want to install LED display on the outside or surface of the building, you need to pay attention to the design of the screen.At present, there are many customized LED display screen is according to the requirements of construction design bar, bead curtain screen, such as new style, can display effectively, and can not keep out the building itself, and aesthetically pleasing, bring out the best in each other.In the future, LED display will be combined with modern decoration, landscape and lighting to form a better creative display of the city.

10. Screen enterprise and the lighting.

The tenth trend of LED display in the future is the relationship with lighting.When the LED display maturity gradually, the market growth is limited, and competition is growing at the same time, the prospect of LED lighting is infinite amplification, broad market capacity attracted numerous industry inside and outside the capital and the enterprise.It has become a common phenomenon for display companies to invest heavily in lighting while operating the display.So far, the display industry has a majority of companies that have both lighting and lighting, but the number is basically set.

To harvest their own market, in the lighting market display enterprises usually need to face comes from the traditional lighting, professional lighting enterprise, such as competition, at the same time, in the lighting market completely before the outbreak of this is a long-term, large investment, capital and power determines the reserves of the enterprise.In the future, small businesses will struggle to survive in both markets.As an interdisciplinary enterprise with both the display and the lighting, it is necessary to deal with the challenges and pressures from the two markets, which will be profitable in the right way.

In addition to the above 10 development trend, will also appear the new bright spot and LED display industry trends, such as user more professional, more mature service team, the various emerging niche gradually appear, and so on.Overall, the market of LED full color screen will be stable and mature.

Control and improve the quality of LED full-color display screen.

With the application and promotion of LED full-color LED display, its display effect is directly related to users and audiences. To achieve the perfect use experience, it needs to control and improve the quality of LED display screen.Let's talk about the factors that improve and control the quality and effectiveness of LED display.

LED devices are the most critical components of full-color LED display, for three reasons:

First of all, LED is the most used key device in the whole color screen, with thousands to tens of thousands of leds per square meter.

Secondly, LED is the main body that determines the display performance of the whole screen, which directly affects the audience's evaluation of the display screen.

Thirdly, LED is the largest proportion of the overall cost of the display, ranging from 30% to 70%.The selection of LED determines the quality of over 50% of the entire display screen.If the LED is not selected, the other parts of the display screen will not be able to compensate for the defect of the display quality.

Key indicators reflecting the special LED quality of full-color LED display are:

I. inefficiency

Because the full color display screen is composed of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of red, green and blue leds, the failure of any color LED will affect the overall visual effect of the display.Generally speaking, according to the industry experience, the efficiency of the LED display should not be more than three parts per thousand (the failure of the LED device itself) before it is assembled to the aging 72 hours.

2. Anti-static ability.

LED is a semiconductor device, which is sensitive to electrostatic and can easily lead to electrostatic failure. Therefore, anti-static ability is crucial to the life of the display screen.Generally speaking, the test failure voltage of the LED human electrostatic mode should not be less than 2000V.

3. Consistency

Full-color display screen is composed of thousands of red, green and blue leds of primitives, each color LED brightness, the wavelength determines the whole screen brightness consistency, the consistency of the white balance consistency, color uniformity.In general, the manufacturer of display device vendor for 5 nm wavelength range and 1:1. The 3 LED brightness range, these indicators can be made of classification through the testing machine can achieve device supplier.The consistency of the voltage is generally not required.


LED brightness is an important determinant of display brightness.The higher the brightness of the LED, the greater the residual amount of current will be used, which will be beneficial to save energy consumption and maintain LED stability.The LED has different Angle values. The smaller the Angle is, the brighter the LED is, but the smaller the Angle of the display is.Generally, 100 degrees of LED should be selected to ensure a sufficient viewing Angle.For display screens with different distances and different horizons, a balance should be found between brightness, Angle and price.

5. Attenuation characteristics.

Red, green and blue leds all have the characteristics of brightness attenuation as the working time increases.The attenuation rate of LED is determined by the advantages and disadvantages of LED chips, the quality of auxiliary materials and the level of packaging process.Generally speaking, after 1000 hours, 20 milliampere light test at room temperature, the attenuation of the red LED should be less than 10%, the attenuation of blue and green leds should be less than 15%. The consistency of red, green, and blue attenuation of full color LED display has great influence on the white balance in the future, will affect the display fidelity of the display screen.

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