The large screen will become a trend LED one to seize the application market

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With the constant improvement of the display technology, the application range of the display is becoming more and more wide, big to outdoor billboards, small digital id to the supermarket, display has been deeply penetrating in our daily life.In recent years, large-screen display has been favored by many users. For example, in the commercial field, the "doubling" of LED one-machine in the past year has attracted wide attention.large screen In the past year LED machine superior performance won applause "flowers", this year will continue, and that it is not just for the LED display always, but combined with the inherent characteristics of LED out after the conclusion.Technically, the LED display screen is show splicing technology, popular, is the "small screen" joining together into a "big", and the advantage of this method can be used according to the user's demand to "tailor" the size of the screen.

on the other hand, from the point of view of practical application, the LED all-in-one application market of this kind of product also has certain limitation, for example, in 90 inches below the display of the market, liquid crystal display products has become a strong competitor, and liquid crystal display in such an unshakable position in the market, but also need to consider its oversized LED display machine installation and maintenance costs, therefore, for the moment, integrative machine mainly concentrated in the "about LED display market.

And LED all-in-one want to expand the application market is not completely impossible, first of all, in the light of the LED all-in-one generally use scene stay indoors, so the installation is limited in indoor, as a result, the installation cost will be huge, only on the LED all-in-one itself to reduce weight, improve the portable Angle, can at little cost as much as possible to realize the application of large size.

Decline in the price of this kind of product at the same time, the LED machine has also become more breakthrough "weapon" of the market, although only the unit price point of view, the current LED all-in-one isn't cheap, generally want to joining together more than a 150 - inch screen will need about 200000 yuan, but compared to previous years, the price is down significantly.

In addition, there are some more "high-end" LED ones, such as P1.2 spacing of the LED display products, they are mainly used in the MINI - or COB LED technology, and this kind of product price, of course, expensive, and even can be said to be the day price, but its advantage is that it shows better, generally splicing screen can not match, because this kind of "high-end" LED all-in-one cost is higher, also condemned it will serve the higher-end applications.

To sum up, with the continuous upgrade of LED all-in-one on technology and falling prices, LED all-in-one will continue this year, from low-end to high-end to finish all the supply ability, also means that the future LED all-in-one application market will not only limited to the display.


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