How to improve the quality of stage rental LED display screen

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How to improve the quality of stage rental LED display screen? Many professionals know that the display effect of stage rental screen will affect the users and the masses. If you want to get a perfect experience, you need to control and improve the quality of stage rental screen. For the LED display can only be used in these localities, in a variety of advertising, acting activities, company meetings, news release activities, acting and other large-scale activities is indispensable, many companies are directly to the lighting and audio rental companies for leasing, so the security and stability of the stage rental screen in the whole process of use. This is especially important in the series of renting activities. So, how can we control and improve the quality of the stage rental screen? What are the indicators reflecting the quality of the stage rental? LED display screen? one, the power supply is required to be stable, and the grounding protection is good, in bad natural conditions, especially in strong thunder and lightning weather do not use. To avoid possible problems, we can choose passive protection and active protection, as far as possible may cause damage to the stage rental LED display screen objects away from the screen, and clean the screen as gently as possible wipe, to minimize the damage. First turn off the LED display and then turn off the computer. two. In addition, keep the humidity of the environment in which the stage rental LED display? screen is used. Don't let anything with the nature of humidity enter your stage rental screen. It is absolutely unavoidable to add power to the stage rental screen containing humidity, which will lead to corrosion of the parts of the stage rental screen and cause permanent damage. And if for any reason water into the stage rental screen, please immediately power off and contact the maintenance personnel, until the display panel in the screen drying can be used. And what I have to do is switch on the stage rental screen. stage rental led display screen 1. when opening, control the computer to enable it to operate normally before opening the LED display screen. 2.Do not play in full white, red, green, blue and other screen colors for a long time, in order to avoid excessive current, power cord heating, LED lamp damage, affect the life of the display screen and other phenomena. 3.Don't disassemble and splice the screen at will! The stage rental screen has the closest relationship with our users, and it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance. 4.Do not expose to wind, sun, dust and other easily dirty outdoor environment for a long time. After a period of time, the screen must be a piece of dust, which needs to be cleaned immediately. 5.The surface of stage rental screen can be wiped by alcohol, or by brush or vacuum cleaner. It can not be wiped by wet cloth directly. 6. It is suggested that the stage rental screen should be used more than 1.5 hours a day and at least once a week during the rainy season. The screen should be opened at least once a month for more than 3 hours. 7.The stage rental screen should be inspected regularly to see if it works properly and the line is damaged. If it is not working, it should be replaced in time, and the line should be repaired or replaced in time if it is damaged. Above all, please let users of the LED display remember.

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