6 ways to make the outdoor full color LED display wiring safer

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LED display faults are caused by improper installation, so when installing outdoor full color LED display, it is necessary to strictly follow the steps to operate, especially when the first installation. Strictly follow the steps to reduce errors, the following Lianshin Xiaobian ( to explain the outdoor full color LED display installation wiring methods and steps. outdoor full color led display 1.Check the power supply voltage: find out the positive and negative connection of the DC switching power supply, connect the 220V power cord to the switching power supply, (after confirming the correct connection, connect to the AC or NL terminal) and then plug in the power. You'll find a light on the power supply, and then use a multimeter and a DC gear to measure the voltage between V + and V - to make sure the voltage is between 4.8V and 5.1V, with a knob beside it that allows you to adjust the voltage with a cross screwdriver. In order to reduce screen heating and prolong life, the voltage can be adjusted to between 4.5V-4.8 when the brightness requirement is not high. If the voltage is clear, disconnect the power supply and continue to assemble the other parts. 2.first turn off the power supply: V + connected to the red line, V - connected to the black line, respectively, connected to the control card and LED unit board, black line connected to the control card and power GND. The red line connects the +5V of the control card and the VCC of the unit board. Each unit has 1 power lines. When finished, please check if the connection is correct. outdoor full color led display 3.connection control and unit board: connect with a good line. Pay attention to direction, not reverse. Note that the cell board has two 16PIN interfaces, one is input, one is output, and the one near 74HC245/244 is input. Connect the control card to the input. Outputs the input to the next unit panel. 4.Connecting RS232 data line: Connect one end of the data line to the DB9 serial port of the computer, and the other end to the control card. Connect the 5-pin (brown) of DB9 to the GND of the control card, and connect the 3-pin (brown and white) of DB9 to the RS232-RX of the control card. If your PC does not have a serial port, you can buy a conversion line of USB to RS232 serial port in computer city. 5.check the connection again: check the connection is correct, the black line is connected to -V and GND. The red line connects +V and VCC +5V. 6.Turn on 220V, open the downloaded software: Normally, the power supply lights, control card lights, the screen shows. If abnormal, please check the connection. Or check the error repair. Set the parameters of the screen and send captions. Specifically refer to the instructions for using the software. Grasp the wiring methods and steps of the six LED display screens above, strangle the malfunction in the embryonic state, let the outdoor full color LED display screen run safely and reliably!  

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