Solve outdoor advertising LED display cooling

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In recent years, due to the rapid development of technology and technology, LED display has made great progress in high-definition display, thus opening the door to the commercial display market. Moreover, with the advantages of its own characteristics, it occupies a part of the original DLP, LCD and other display products market share. Summer heat will make the outdoor advertising LED display "miserable". In order to make the large screen work properly, the following is the sunrise for everyone to recommend outdoor advertising LED display cooling solutions. outdoor advertising led display screen One, commonly used 4 kinds of heat dissipation methods. 1.Aluminum fins, which are the most common form of heat dissipation, are used as part of the shell to increase the area of heat dissipation. 2.Thermal conductive plastic shell is filled with thermal conductive materials when plastic shell is injected to increase the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation capacity of plastic shell. 3.Aerodynamics, the use of lamp shell shape, to create convective air, which is the lowest cost to strengthen the heat dissipation. 4.Surface radiation heat dissipation treatment, lamp shell surface radiation heat dissipation treatment, simple is to apply radiation heat dissipation paint, heat can be radiated away from the lamp shell surface. outdoor advertising led display screen Two, wall mounted installation and column installation heat dissipation solutions 1.If the outdoor advertising LED display is installed in a column, it is best to use the fan to heat, the fan installed on the back of the large screen aluminum plastic board, it is best to lean upwards, made into a shutter form so that rain does not enter the display when it rains. If it is a double-column, open a few louvers in the middle of the double-column. This louver is the inlet, and the fan above is the exhaust port. This forms a complete air convection to make the heat dissipation better. 2.If the installation position of outdoor advertising LED display is near the wall, see how much the LED screen can protrude. If it can protrude one meter of the wall, it is recommended to choose the fan according to the size of the area. The fan installation position is arranged in sequence above the side of the screen. If the customer purchases the outdoor LED full-color screen for 80 square outdoor LED full-color display screen, it is necessary to select six diameters of about 600 mm axial fan. In particular, it is important to ensure that the fan is pumped out, and equipped with protective mesh, to prevent the maintenance of the display screen technicians in the maintenance of the screen will suck clothes into the body injury. In addition, aluminum alloy shutters should be installed on the air outlet of the fan on the aluminum plastic board to achieve waterproof effect. Wall LED full-color display can also be equipped with air conditioning, to ensure that the air-conditioning host has a place to put, does not affect the overall appearance of the wall. The choice of air-conditioning is required, the most commonly used is 1.5P, 2P and 3P air-conditioning most, 12 square 1P air-conditioning calculation in northern cities; 9 square 1P air-conditioning calculation in southern cities. If the area of outdoor advertising LED display screen is relatively large, air conditioning will go to the manufacturer directly customized, if the area is not large, you will go to the store to buy, but the display cooling air conditioning is a call compensation function.      

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