outdoor led advertising signs are cleaned by University.

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In the past, China's LED display market followed foreign countries, because of immature technology, backward production capacity and lack of innovation, many products are imitation, resulting in no competitiveness of products. Over the years, the state has vigorously supported the development of high-tech industries, especially new industries with strategic significance. The LED industry is one of the beneficiaries. With the vigorous support of the state and local governments, China's LED display industry is thriving, and many internationally renowned LED display companies have emerged. Shenzhen sunrise Technology Co., Ltd. is one of them. Do outdoor led advertising signs? need to be cleaned? There is no doubt that the answer is yes. outdoor led advertising signs?after a period of use, there will be dust, impurities, dirt and other adherence to the display screen body, if not cleaned up, will have a negative impact on the normal operation of the LED display screen, serious, and even lead to the destruction of the display screen. Therefore,outdoor led advertising signs? need regular cleaning to ensure the display effect of LED display. outdoor led advertising signs LED display screen cleaning is high altitude operation, equipped with professional cleaning team. The cleaning operation adopts the high-altitude sling method (commonly known as spider man) or the lifting boat, equipped with professional cleaning equipment, the cleaning personnel choose different cleaning agents according to the different dirt on the screen targeted cleaning, so as to ensure the completion of the cleaning of the outdoor LED display screen without damaging the LED tube and mask. LED display screen cleaning is to remove accumulated dust and impurities. First of all, we should consider purchasing a better quality cleaning package. The cost of cleaning solution generally includes electrolyte, high purity distilled water, antistatic liquid and so on. It can effectively clean the dust and other dirt marks on LED display screen. outdoor led advertising signs Two, some friends think that water can also, and will not affect outdoor LED display. However, the cleaning effect of clean water is poor, and dust will stick again after cleaning. At the same time, it should be noted that you must not spray water on the screen, but to spray a little cleaning liquid on the cleaning cloth, and then gently wipe along the same direction, and before cleaning, you need to pull out the power cord. Cleaning and maintenance of outdoor led advertising signs?can be divided into three steps: first step: vacuuming. First remove the dirt and dust on the surface of the LED display mask; second step: wet wash. Use water spray and steam humidification spray display screen mask, with a soft brush on the vacuum cleaner to scrub the lamp mask, the dirt clean; Step 3: drying. Use the vacuum cleaner to drain the water and water marks left after wet cleaning to ensure that the mask is clean and clean. Sun eleddisplay ( Warm reminder:outdoor led advertising signs need regular maintenance in order to play the best display effect.    

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