Advance and Perseverance,sunrise Optoelectronics Brand Tour

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This is an era of innovation and change.

Unprecedented stories, like unprecedented patterns, seem to gain more market attention. In the face of this new and changing era, is it a wealth or a burden? This has become a problem that many enterprises often think about in brand promotion.

However, if we look at it again with a bigger mindset, we will find a more interesting answer: the past of a business is certainly wealth, but it tends to hide in seemingly heavy burdens. Only by ingeniously opening the burden can we enjoy the bright treasure.

Sunrise, the main type of LED display, is a certified state-level high-tech enterprises. For the LED industry, this is a very contemporary enterprise, how to construct a sense of the times in the right to speak, only because it has been a very clear positioning – to serve the world.

History, more depth

According to the statistics of China Optical and Optoelectronic Industry Association, in 2004, the national LED display market was 3.6 billion yuan, and there were about 300 LED display manufacturing enterprises of various types and scales in China. LED display industry at this time, is a new sunshine industry, sunrise photovoltaics is also born at this time. Then, the rapid development of the industry has also led to the formation of industry standards and standards system, product quality, system reliability has become the main competitive factors, poor production conditions, technical is not strong, after-sales service system imperfect enterprises by the elimination of the market. According to incomplete statistics, more than 4000 LED enterprises closed down in 2015 alone. After entering 2016, the LED industry has a warming trend, but there are still many enterprises submerged in the wave of industry development.

However, no matter how the outside changes, sunrise Optoelectronics? is never forward, in recent years, sunrise Optoelectronics? achievements are as follows:

Data is more convincing than language, sales performance is the affirmation of the market, is also the result of the efforts of all sunrise photovoltaics personnel, it can be said that although sunrise is not the pioneering group of epic elders, but must be the backbone of the development of the LED industry.

Persevering and more objective

In recent years, the price war in the LED industry has been booming, resulting in the deterioration of the market competition environment. Looking back on Lianchengfa’s adherence to product quality today, in addition to the inherent good reputation of the enterprise, this rational adherence also allows it to avoid premature positive competition with powerful rivals, to their rapid growth to win space and time. By intensifying research and development efforts, fully focusing on the details of product functions, to create their own market space and a firm customer group.

sunrise Optoelectronics

If LED products are not brand, there will be no future. Channels are the soil for the survival and development of LED display enterprises, and brands are the wings for enterprises to take off. Lian Cheng Fa, from establishment to growth, can not get away from the credit of the channel, nor can it get away from the strength of the brand. In terms of brand creativity, Sunrise’s values of “unity, integrity and development” have become the most shining brand of Sunrise. Over the past long time, sunrise Optoelectronics??technology has poured its main resources into the company to build, through the establishment of a number of automated production lines, the establishment of holding subsidiaries and other ways to fully shop in various regions: to create a global 32-country agency model, accurate support in the country’s six large areas, in the industry’s major media delivery A large number of brand image advertisements, these initiatives all-round improve the brand image of sunrise in the country, for the Asahi LED display screen shining globally to lay a solid foundation. Up to now, sunrise’s domestic and foreign double-track record, completed the transformation and upgrading of product market positioning.

Brand awareness continues to rise, sales performance continues to rise, the company’s profits to increase revenue so that ?sunrise Optoelectronics? has enough capital to open up a big fight. Faced with this situation, sun did not rush ahead, but decided to stick to it. Make this choice, on the one hand, out of the stability of the market to bring customer loyalty, on the other hand, it is out of conformity with the strategic layout of the long-term development of the United sunrise, do not forget the initiative, win in stability, which is also the strategic vision of sunrise’s outstanding performance in brand strategy.

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Advance and Perseverance,sunrise Optoelectronics Brand Tour

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