Does the outdoor full color LED display vary in brightness?

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Shenzhen sun photoelectric technology is located in Pinghu, Shenzhen, is a LED display panel manufacturer. The factory covers an area of 12000 square meters. It has advanced production equipment. It is integrated with manufacturing and sales. The main business is fixed LED display, medical cross LED display, stadium LED display, rental LED display and LED display. Transparent LED display. Now let's talk about the outdoor full color LED display. outdoor full color led display A high-quality outdoor full color LED display must adapt to different temperatures, weather, and can be used in various occasions. For far and near light to have a good effect, especially in large concerts, special effects lighting needs to be particularly good to meet the needs of stage performances. But sometimes we find that the brightness of outdoor full color LED display screen will be inconsistent phenomenon, what is the reason for this? outdoor Full color LED display brightness inconsistency is determined by two factors, light-emitting elements and driving elements, the following is a few key points. First, the outdoor full color LED display brightness is not consistent, is the root cause of the flower screen, can not be corrected by the late correction equipment, only by the manufacturing process of LED display manufacturers to achieve. So buy the screen with different brightness, please contact your service provider or manufacturer for settlement. outdoor full color led display Two, the luminescent element is the LED luminous tube, which is inevitable in the production process. However, the countermeasures taken by the manufacturers of LED display screen are to file after the production is completed, and the less the brightness difference between the adjacent two gears is, the better the consistency is, but the worse the low yield and the high inventory will result. Therefore, each manufacturer controls the brightness difference of the two adjacent files to about 20%. Three, 25% of the brightness error between all the pixels of the outdoor LED display screen is normal. If the LED light emitting tube is not the same grade and type product, the brightness error will rise to more than 40%. Four, drive components are usually constant current drive chips, such as MBl5026. These chips contain 16 constant current drive outputs, which can set current output by resistance. The error of the output of the same chip is controlled within 3%, and the output error of different chips is controlled within 6%. Summary: we have no need to be particularly anxious when we meet the brightness of the outdoor full color LED display screen. As long as we find the right way to find the problem, then it can easily solve the similar abnormal situation.

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