three large application markets for small spaced LED display

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The LED display has a larger share of the market share, and the small spaced? LED display coat is constantly being excavated. Eight years ago, the distance between pixels is called a small space LED display at about 4mm, and the small spacing is considered to be around 3mm after five years, and so far the distance between pixels is defined as a small distance at 2.5mm. The emergence of small spaced led display technology has promoted the development of small spaced LED display to indoor ultra-high definition applications. Since 2015, the domestic large screen display market, small spacing LED display production.A large number of products are listed, and the market continues to rise. Small spaced LED display screen is mainly used in what market, have the advantages of what aspects, below the small editor and everyone together to analyze and analyze it. One, exhibition: the small spaced LED display has a flexible form of formation, wide angle of view, ultra-thin fuselage, convenient and fast installation and maintenance, and low power consumption. It is widely used in various public information display areas, such as hotel lobby, airports, cinemas, hospitals and other information bulletin boards, as well as corporate image publicity, material. Exhibition of Museum relics, scoreboard of gymnasiums and so on. In the commercial field with public information display demand, small spaced LED display can be used instead of large and medium size commercial displays. The significant advantage is that it can achieve super size seamless stitching, low power consumption and long life, and can adapt to the high intensity demand of long time running. Small spaced LED display Two, business education: small spaced LED display can also meet the needs of various commercial applications, such as enterprise conference room, chairman's office, network video conference, and so on, can replace the projector, create a bright office environment. Its rich electronic whiteboard supporting functions can also meet the needs of various schools and educational institutions for information presentation. Although the field of Commerce and education is not the main direction of the small distance LED display screen, but compared with the traditional projector and electronic whiteboard, the installation and maintenance of the small spaced LED display is more convenient, especially its self luminescence characteristics, which can meet the needs of the bright conference rooms and classrooms. Three, security monitoring: with the characteristics of seamless splits, excellent color performance, low energy consumption and so on, small spacing LED display can meet the needs of high quality indoor application fields such as command and dispatch center, command and control center, radio and television studio, meteorological information center and so on. Compared with the dominant DLP backdrop splicing screen and the fast growing LCD splicing screen, the significant advantage of the small spacing LED display is seamless splicing, the size of the screen can be expanded infinitely, and the installation mode is flexible, the thickness of the panel, the space and brightness are saved. High, can meet the use of semi-outdoor environment needs, in addition, there is no high cost of replacing bulbs, low energy consumption, lower operation and maintenance costs later.

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