The problem of building an outdoor LED billboard scaffold

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LED billboards are ubiquitous, widely used, and can be seen everywhere in life. LED billboards are still very common outdoors. For example, some major news information dissemination of some important notice, will use the LED billboard, below to say the outdoor LED billboard scaffold to build three major issues. outdoor led billboard One, stainless steel frame production process: we can see that many outdoor LED billboards are stainless steel frame. In fact, the outer frame of stainless steel is only a thin stainless steel skin on the basis of simple border. It looks nice and generous, adding value added. As for the package frame process needs to use folding machine, can be made to kitchenware factory for processing, but the best to professional LED frame shop. The biggest difference between professional shops is that the seams are very small. Two, simple frame production process: we see the purchase of the unit board, will find the brightness is different, or the application of the occasion may have water flowers, this time need to paste an organic glass on the screen surface, the organic glass generally use tea, or dark red. Plexiglass can be bought in advertising and decorative materials stores, bought by Jin. We use thin ones, which are too thin to bend easily. Here's a reminder, because the cutting of plexiglass requires skill, it's best to buy when ready to size, let the shop help you cut. For general occasions, we need a box, we can use aluminum alloy profiles, and can be bought in aluminum alloy profiles shop. If you use aluminum frame, the screen is very small, you can directly fix the unit board in the outer frame, strength enough, there is no need for brackets. An outdoor LED billboard simple box production is completed. outdoor led billboard Three, scaffold making: according to different application situations, the frame requirements are different. Let's start with embedded installation. It doesn't need frames, but needs an installation bracket. The installation bracket is usually made of aluminum profile, lighter and easier to cut, and can also be used with universal angle iron. We can see that there are copper columns on the back of the panel, which are used to fix the panel to the bracket. The bracket should be longer and the installation hole of the lamp box should be reserved. The unit board, control card, power supply are fixed in the bracket, the data line and 220V power cord to be tied to the bracket, tied knot, do not pull off a few. The simplest screen is assembled, and the steps to make the outdoor LED billboard bracket are not complicated enough to be mounted on other devices, such as a light box. Conclusion: outdoor LED billboard use different environments, and the scaffolds used are different. Outdoor LED billboard support affects the use of the entire display screen, and it will affect the safe operation of the display screen, so the outdoor LED billboard temporary support must be fully planned in the process of selection and construction, and do not choose freely.    

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