Related behavior standards for vehicle LED display

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As the development trend of the vehicle LED display is getting better and better, it is deeply attached to the national attention. The use behavior standard of the local standard vehicle LED display screen in Guangdong province is successfully approved by the expert group, which is initiated by the Metrological Inspection and Testing Institute of the industry and city quality supervision Bureau. The standard behavior criterion of the LED display is the first local recommendation standard for the product in China. It can provide technical basis for the design, production, service, sale, after sale and reception of the vehicle LED display screen. Make use of it: safe, efficient and convenient. Vehicle LED display In the industry in recent years, the traditional LED screen, due to its light body and thin body, can display various specifications of text, image, color, film and animation, with the unique functions of high brightness, intelligence, full color, simple and simple and easy to update the content, and more and more appear in many kinds of cars, high speed railway, train, aircraft, ship and so on. In public transportation. According to the personage, it is revealed that the product's R & D and production are in a disordered state because the standard system of this kind of product has not been improved, and the corresponding national standards or industry standards are lacking, and the quality of products and after-sales service can not be guaranteed, and more functions are uneven. According to the introduction of Shenzhen Asahi quality supervision personnel, the present display technology is very different from the conventional LED display technology standard. The vehicle mounted LED display on the mobile carrier will have to meet the more stringent product technical requirements on the flame retardancy, electromagnetic compatibility, the brightness of the screen and the long service life. For example, the LED display specification clearly points out that the vehicle LED display should be able to meet the risk of protection from electric shock, energy, fire, heat, machinery, and so on. In particular, it is necessary to have certain flame retardancy to avoid major hazards caused by spontaneous combustion caused by short-circuit. Vehicle LED display Under normal circumstances, vehicle LED display high brightness, stable performance and impact resistance. The picture is realistic, clear and moving, and it is equipped with light control system. It can adjust the brightness of the screen and move conveniently according to the outdoor light. It can change the place, change the information at any time, and do not need to install and disassemble. With the combination of static and dynamic picture, various forms, multi directions and various kinds of information can be released. Equipped with TV receiving card, it can receive wired or wireless set top box TV signals. The scope of vision is wide, the audio-visual force is strong, and the communication effect is obvious.    

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