Where does the development of outdoor p4LED display ads come from

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With the rapid development of China's advertising market, the outdoor advertising market has also maintained a relatively fast growth rate. LED display as an important carrier of outdoor advertising, the development of outdoor p4LED display is also accompanied by its high growth, and has realized the expansion of the industry. Many of the original inkjet based carriers have gradually shifted to LED display. Outdoor p4LED screen can display content and display dynamic video files, so it is more abundant than ordinary print advertisements. The LED display has won wide recognition from outdoor advertisers for its brightness, density and higher uniformity of luminance. outdoor p4 led display In the face of the outdoor advertising creation mode of LED display, outdoor p4LED display should be a product innovation to provide higher quality product service for outdoor advertising display manufacturers. At the same time, the large screen size screen of the LED display screen has many different. In order to ensure the consistency of the effect, the LED display manufacturer should make persistent efforts in the study of the high definition outdoor advertising LED display, in order to win a better opportunity for the development of the LED display. In the future, outdoor p4LED display advertising will persist for a long time. Industrial upgrading and low price competition exist at the same time. LED display enterprises want to seize the outdoor advertising market, in addition to the development of small fields and emerging fields, it is necessary to use more display technology on the outdoor screen to form a more data display effect of outdoor advertising, which is the basic way to cope with the development of outdoor big screen. LED outdoor advertising screen will rise to a more high-end, more intelligent, more data based application mode, which will also be the best choice for the development of the outdoor p4LED display advertising big screen. outdoor p4 led display The application of multi screen integration in outdoor advertising is very extensive. It will be a new form of outdoor advertising screen. The advertising industry has entered an era of multi screen interaction. Traditional TV, network video, mobile video, building and television outdoor media, etc. constitute a media environment of large video. Multi screen integration has become a consensus of the existing social advertising community. Multi screen integration will also be an excellent development opportunity for the future development of outdoor P4LED display. The main advantages are: different video media have different audience, multi screen integration can better improve the arrival rate of advertising; multi screen integration can also improve the frequency of advertising arrival, exposure, brand impression, purchase intention. The era of multi screen integration has brought outdoor advertising to a new direction. It not only improves the utilization ratio of LED outdoor advertising, but also brings new advertising experience to outdoor. It also led to the growth of outdoor advertising demand for LED display screen a positive impact on all users.

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