Sunrise P3.91 rental LED display of the king’s demeanor

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Shenzhen Pinghu sunrise Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. from the beginning of a small LEDdisplay processing enterprise, after more than ten years of effort, transformed into the world's number one famous enterprises, more and more large enterprises cooperate with us, and the sun's products have also been supported and approved by the majority of users. If you ask who is the superstar of the LED stage rental industry, there is only one answer, that is, the rising sun P3.91 rental LED display. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's culture, entertainment and sports industry. Entertainment activities such as large-scale concerts, art shows and other entertainment demand for LED stage rental screen is growing stronger, the entire LED display rental market is booming. At the time of the increasingly "hot" competition in the LED stage leasing industry, how to create a more high-end LED display product adapted to the stage lease has become the top priority. The sun relies on the correct understanding and control of the market demand, taking full consideration of the customer needs, simulating the use of the scene, and making continuous innovation of the product technology. Product p3.91 rental LED display won widespread recognition in the market, and eventually become the LED stage rental screen Superstar! p3.91 rental led display As the lightest rental screen in the Sunday lease series, the P3.91 rental LED display uses light, thin and fine design concept. The design is novel, simple and generous, light weight, convenient loading and unloading, high gray scale and low energy consumption. The disassembly and maintenance of the screen are very convenient, which can effectively save labor costs and transportation costs. High quality SMD technology and unique hardware system ensure that the picture has the perfect display effect. Perfect display effect and service system, making the sun P3.91 rental LED display since the advent of the state has been in short supply, this time, to give back to the majority of customers, Sunday extra large handwriting to promote production, 1000 P3.91 to help! Support customers on-site inspection, fast delivery, and see the product, so that customers no longer endure the pain of delivery waiting!

U.S. 169 square meter truck LED screen shipments

    Sunrise LED Display factory  Truck LED screen  

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