About mobile rental LED display related behavior standards

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LED display has been widely used in all corners of the city, has become a unique symbol to enhance the image of the city, so far in 2017, the Guangdong Provincial Local Standard mobile Rental LED Display Code of Practice sponsored by the Institute of Measurement Verification and Testing of the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision and other units has passed the expert panel review smoothly. Sure. It is reported that the code of conduct for the LED display is the first local recommended standard for the product, which can provide technical basis for the design, production, service, sales, after-sales and reception of mobile rental LED display. In recent years, traditional LED screens have become more and more popular in automobiles, high-speed trains, trains, airplanes, ships and other fields because of their light weight, thin body, displaying various specifications of words, images, colors, movies and animations, and their unique functions such as high brightness, intelligence, full color, simplicity and easy content updating. In public transport, it is disclosed that the lack of a sound standard system for such products and the lack of corresponding national standards or industry standards have led to disordered product development and production, and the lack of a great guarantee of product quality and after-sales service, resulting in more uneven functions. Mobile rental LED display According to Shenzhen Liancheng hair quality supervision personnel, the current display technology is completely different from the usual LED display technology standards, installed in the mobile carrier LED display in flame retardancy, electromagnetic compatibility, as well as the brightness of the screen, the length of service life must meet more stringent product technical requirements. For example, the LED display specifications clearly stated that mobile rental LED display should be able to meet the protection of electric shock, energy, fire, heat, machinery and other related risks. In particular, it is necessary to have certain flame retardancy to avoid major hazards caused by spontaneous combustion caused by short-circuit. We all know that the mobile rental LED display has high brightness, stable performance and impact resistance. The picture is three-dimensional, vivid, clear and dynamic, and equipped with light control system. It can adjust the brightness of the screen by outdoor light. It is easy to move. It can change location and change information at any time without installation and disassembly. With the combination of static and dynamic picture, various forms, multi directions and various kinds of information can be released. Equipped with TV receiving card, it can receive wired or wireless set top box TV signals. The scope of vision is wide, the audio-visual force is strong, and the communication effect is obvious. The more important function of LED screen is to broadcast advertisements, in addition to different environments and needs, there are also a variety of styles can be customized. The emergence of car rental LED display makes the LED screen technology innovate again. It is the application of innovation in the LED display industry in the new era, and it is also the embodiment of LED display industrialization.

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