Chau Ming technology UTV high clear LED display

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On August 9, 2013, guangzhou, zhou Ming technology held the sixth station UTV high definition small distance LED display product launch event, thus, the national six major cities tour conference perfect collection of officials.The conference, as usual, for local suppliers, distributors, system integrators and the full support of the partners, the attendance of more than one hundred people, once again confirm the chau Ming technology strong appeal. Conference in guangzhou station hall as the leading role of the conference, also a chau Ming science and technology in 2013, main products, UTV star hd LED display become small spacing venue, perfect hd pictures showed with thin, generous and elegant appearance makes the screen from appearance give a person the first visual shock.

The golden jade is also inside the jade."With the continuous quality style of chau Ming technology, UTV hd small spacing LED display is powerful, and has many breakthrough advantages compared with the market average high-density display.Its highlight is low brightness, high grayscale and high refresh rate.Reducing the brightness of the display and not losing the grayscale and refresh rate is crucial for indoor LED displays, and can be extremely challenging, says wu meng, director of technology marketing at zhou Ming.Chau Ming small spacing UTV hd series products are state science and technology after years of experience, thousands of times experiment was successful launch of products, its top 1300 CD/m2 brightness (adjustable), 16 bit grey scale, 6400 hz refresh rate no "ghost" TDD (has), refresh the record industry average hd LED display, again tie-in chau Ming excellent display control system, chromaticity and brightness correction system and video processing system, its visual performance have no regrets, only.

The meeting scene, chau Ming technology staff is the scene illustrates the UTV display effect under different brightness, experiments show that when the brightness of the display to its original brightness of 30%, according to the picture of the gray level almost without any damage, and in low light - 200 CD gray scale loss also is very small;At the same time, it improved the point color correction, the brightness difference was less than or minus 1%, and the difference of chroma was less than 0.003, which completely satisfied the indoor close-range viewing effect.

As is known to all, the high density small spacing LED display is mainly used for indoor monitoring, traffic command center, conference room, studio, multimedia education system, such as environment, especially television areas for screen refresh rate and gray level have almost harsh requirements, if the gray level is not enough, screen will show different shades of color piece and spots;If the refresh rate is not enough, there will be a series of black lines, affecting the aesthetic feeling.The UTV products are superior in gray and refresh rate. Even if the camera or camera is adjusted to 1/6400 seconds, the screen is still correct.

In addition, UTV hd series of products also have no noise, low weight, low power consumption, a wide color gamut space, faster response speed, any size seamless splicing, the advantages of flexible modular maintenance, installation, such as LCD, DLP, traditional indoor display is the most powerful competitors.Mr. Zhao guangming, the director of the development of the technology industry, fully expressed his confidence in UTV products, and also predicted the huge application space in the market of LED display with small space in the future.

It is reported that zhou Ming technology in 2012 successfully developed UTV hd small spacing LED display series products, its cases throughout the country, well-known at home and abroad.From the TV broadcast of the London Olympic Games to the broadcasting hall of Swedish national television, UTV has successfully expanded the market share of the foreign broadcasting market and completed the earliest application case of LED TV wall.From lanzhou 3 d digital social service management system platform to tianjin on the home fort financial district service center building, UTV luxuriant and upgrade, perfect finish difficult, high technology, special project, truly reflects the LED display high-end brand strength.


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