The activity field large led screen rental must pay attention to these 7 functions

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Most of the time, event planning company prior to the event are related equipment leasing stage, now lease equipment involved a lot of, a perfect excellence in addition to the usual we can see the lights of the stage design, audio equipment, stage machinery, the most critical or in the event of the LED display.large led screen rental With the improvement of quality requirements for activities, a lot of activities planning company to lease LED die-cast aluminum body, it is not just a simple upgrade of traditional die-casting aluminum enclosure, it's in all of the above structure performance has carried on the comprehensive optimization and equipment update.The LED display case has high assembly precision, easy to disassemble and maintain.The thin and light body of the box can be quickly installed, dismantled and transported. It is suitable for large area leasing and fixed installation and application site.With the system of synchronous control, video and graphics can be played at will, and all kinds of information can be broadcast in real time, synchronously and clearly.The color is realistic and adaptable, with the following advantages: 1. Super lightweight -- only 8kg weight, single portable, easy to install; 2. Ultra-thin -- the box body adopts die casting aluminum forming, with high strength, strong toughness, high precision and not easy to deform, so as to save energy for transportation; 3. High precision -- the size is correct to 0.1mm for electromechanical processing; 4. Compatible -- new structure planning, triumphal hoisting and folding requirements, satisfying indoor and outdoor requirements; 5. Quick -- quick locking mechanism is adopted in the upper and lower parts of the box, and a box can be installed in 10 seconds, with high installation accuracy; 6. Reliable -- high hardness and good heat dissipation; 7. Capital -- low power consumption, throttling operation capital and engraved artificial capital. Large LED screen rental because of stage light weight, thin layout, have the function of lifting and quick settlement, to meet the requirements of the event quickly remove the handling and can be installed out other shapes of work site. Therefore, for the activity planning company, it is necessary to pay more attention to the function of the LED screen to be selected when leasing equipment, only in this way can we guarantee the perfect performance of the activity.

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