How to become a good LED screen manufacturer?

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Most designers think that all LED products have the same quality (except for most of them, not you).However, LED screen manufacturers and suppliers are numerous, and Asian producers, especially Chinese LED screen manufacturers, supply low-cost led around the world.Surprisingly, only a small fraction of these manufacturers can produce high-quality led.For applications that are only used for simple instructions, low quality led are sufficient to meet the requirements. But in many demands consistency, reliability, instructions or solid state lighting must be used in areas such as high quality led, especially in harsh environments, such as: highway, and military/aerospace and industrial applications. This requires our LED screen manufacturers to be good enough to produce high-quality products.So what exactly should a good LED screen manufacturer do?What are the factors that distinguish the quality of LED?We expound from the following aspects:Focus on the root cause: start with the chip package. In fact, choosing a high-quality LED can start from the chip until the assembly is complete, and there are many factors to consider during this period.Excellent manufacturing companies can produce excellent and consistent wafers from high quality LED manufacturing materials, which can produce excellent chips. In the condition of determining all the performance indicators of LED, the chemical materials used in the wafer production process are quite important factors.A 2-inch wafer can cut more than 6, 000 LED chips, with only individual chips having different performance indicators.The difference in color, brightness and voltage drop is very small for a good chip maker. When the LED chips are packaged, many of their performance indicators can be very different, such as perspective.In addition, the impact of packaging materials is also considerable, for example, silicone resin is better than epoxy resin. Classification ability: packaging the LED Good LED manufacturers can not only make high-quality chips, but also have the ability to categorize them according to the color, brightness, voltage drop and perspective of the LEDHigh quality LED suppliers provide products with consistent work characteristics to customers, while lower-quality LED suppliers can only provide "mixed" LED.For high-end, strict quality requirements of applications, such as the boundary of the runway lights, must satisfy the color and brightness of the FAA level standard, in order to ensure the safety, performance and consistency of the LED packaging is strictly limitedThe poor packaging of leds used in strict application areas can lead to a series of inconsistencies, such as premature failure, which could lead to major accidents. It is important to avoid the use of "mixed" products in high end and quality requirements in order to avoid equipment downtime and ensure that the LED in the design has reliable working characteristics. Product supporting capacity In addition to the classification LED, the assembly and power supply of LED has a very important influence on its performance, brightness and color. Due to environment temperature, working voltage peak current, circuit structure, and environmental factors can impact on the performance of the LED indicators, such as appropriate circuit design and assembly is to protect the LED and guarantee the performance of the key. Excellent LED manufacturers also use a variety of techniques and different materials to design the circuit structure and assembly, in most cases, the experience of the LED assembly height difference can cause the same application in LED exist differences in the overall performance and reliability. As the demand for leds grew rapidly, so did manufacturers and assembly plants that serve the global market.Unfortunately, the surge of support manufacturers not only use low-quality leds, but their packaging and LED design engineers are also relatively inexperienced. Therefore, in addition to the existing experience and accurate screening LED suppliers, oems must examine their circuit design and assembly techniques to ensure that meet the design specification, and whether design provides enough cooling capacity, because lead to the LED failure and the main factors of inconsistent performance is overheating. To ensure that the design requirements are met, the OEM must detect the assembly and circuit structure of the LED. Delegate third-party testing In order to eliminate the inequity in the test, many companies commissioned third parties to test the assembly and circuit structure of leds. An LED device may be tested or used in harsh environments for several weeks.In the testing process, at the same time, pressure, temperature cycle, fixed/fixed/voltage change, current change test, such as other harsh environment under the condition of test to determine whether the LED to meet the requirements of the application.The large number of parameter changes that occurred before and after the test were recorded, while monitoring the changes in LED brightness, color, and voltage drop. Accelerated life cycle testing is a key test for avoiding failures in special applications.Testing helps to ensure that the leds that are expected to work at least 100, 000 hours of work are selected, but those that work only 1, 000 hours ahead of time will fail.This is possible because low-quality leds (and possibly high-quality leds that are poorly designed) will be less bright after 1,000 hours of work. In fact, a low quality of the LED if there is a higher drive current, at the beginning of the work will be more than the high quality LED light, however, too high current will make the LED heat too fast, the end result is brightness dimmed or burned. In addition, the effect of assembly technology on LED performance is somewhat larger than that of the chip itself.The design engineer should ask the LED supplier for the reliability specification of the LED, and the LED assembly test should be carried out to ensure that the brightness is better.Some good LED suppliers can guarantee their LED assembly technique of reliability can be sustained for three years or longer, and can further provide high quality LED and the proper designs for special applications, eventually LED products. On the importance of testing Two applications in the field of transport can help explain how adequate testing can prevent leds from breaking down in applications that provide high visibility.In the early 1990s, leds were used to brake lights on cars and trucks.Some LED designs quickly developed inconsistencies in performance indicators and were quickly burned down, perhaps because of the quality of the LED, or perhaps the design of the product itself. This phenomenon was not taken seriously until the LED became a more suitable source of light in traffic lights.Companies that design an 8-inch or 12-inch screen that is covered with leds must consider environmental and application requirements in terms of selecting leds and improving design. Above any situation, if the stress tests or accelerated life cycle test has been done, can be considered to be of high quality LED or LED assembly is qualified, also can be used in the need for longer life and higher reliability of the occasion. Reasonable use of assembly technology Not every application needs high quality LED assembly technology.If the LED assembly does not meet the requirements of the harsh environment applications also will not necessarily appear larger security risks, or, if the end product of the maintenance cost is not high, less assembly technology USES may be more appropriate. The bottom line is that leds must be affordable.Therefore, within the limitation of cost requirements, it is necessary to consider the packaging grade of the supplier's products, the experience and testing of the assembly design, etc. The design that meets the application and market demand is the most effective means to serve the end users.If the application requires a high-end solution, then the selection, design experience, and testing of the chip supplier should be considered.If you don't consider the price of high-end products, you should carefully consider other related factors that distinguish good from bad leds.conclusion Classifying packaging grade ability LED suppliers, as well as the ability of reliability and accelerated life cycle test can be long-term cooperation of manufacturers, this helps manufacturers using more reliable LED to develop high-end products. So, are you an excellent LED manufacturer?

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