Features and classification of the stage led screen

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As the LED display market further subdivided, stage rental LED display screen has a very wide range of applications, in a large performance, evening party, star concert, event, we can see all kinds of stage rental LED display.The stage LED screen consists of stage main screen, side screen, and expansion screen.The function of the home screen is live and highlight replays, generally choose hd LED display rectangle, point spacing generally within the P6, the larger the area the better, which can show the scene smoothly on the stage in front of a live audience.On either side of the home screen to configure several piece of vice screen, stage video expansion screen is commonly used in super large stage, concerts, etc., the back to take care of the audience, let all the audience can clearly see everything on the stage. stage led screen The LED stage rental display screen is very important in addition to screen selection, and a suitable control system is also needed.In general, the LED stage screen has a large area and high pixel, which requires a high number of points to send the tape. Sometimes, multiple control CARDS are required for cascade splicing control.If you want to display effect is better, we usually need to use the video processor, this video can be joining together and shear, realize multi-window, picture in picture, strong scalability, video effect is more smooth.Due to the particularity of LED rental stage screen, it is generally adopted to standardize the structure of the box, easy to disassemble, light in quality and convenient for transportation.The thin and light box body can be quickly installed, dismantled and transported, suitable for large area leasing and fixed installation.Finally, the need for professional training to operators, can do to display the basic maintenance, such as common fault analysis and processing, familiar with the control system and video processing, and form a complete set of equipment for testing of fairly adjustment, in this way, can guarantee the LED screen stable and safe operation stage. The stage LED screen is divided into one, the main screen, the main screen is the center of the stage.Most of the time, the home screen is shaped like a square or a rectangle.Because of the importance of the content it displays, the pixel density of the main screen is relatively high.The screen sizes used for the main screen are mainly P4, P5 and P6.Second, the auxiliary screen, the second screen is used for the display on both sides of the main screen.Its main use is to the main screen, so its content is relatively abstract.As a result, the models used are relatively large.The commonly used specifications are: P7.62, P8, P10, P12 and P16, etc., and are often used in the process of grid LED display. 3. Video expansion screen, which is mainly used in large-scale occasions, such as: large concert, singing and dancing concert, etc.In these situations, because space is big, there are a lot of places can't see clearly on the stage characters and effect, so in the sides of the venue set up one or two of the big screen.The content is usually broadcast live to the stage, and the current common specifications are similar to the main screen. The three specifications of the P4, P5 and P6 are more commonly used for the display of the bright LED mep.Four, special-shaped LED display, in the KTV, dance halls and other places of entertainment will also be used in some special stage LED display, LED display screen is shaped in so-called LED display on the basis of the transformation into a special shape of LED display, the characteristics of the new product is to better adapt to the overall structure of the buildings and the environment, its size and size can be customized according to the requirements, more fashion and changeful modelling.

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