Outdoor conventional straight outdoor screen price to “second spring”?

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Back in 2016, the year the gain and loss of any errors, a lot of people or surprise or consternation, someone to detain in the small distance between the LED and transparent screen tuyere and secretly happy, others dinosaur raw materials rise in price effect the normal production and environmental protection check and was appalled. It is not too much to say that the small spacing and transparent screen are the air outlets of the LED display industry this year.These two newly developed segments have been in doubt for several years until this year's market fire, and they have to admire the pioneers of the industry. outdoor led screen price While small space and transparent screens are big this year, they are not the most demanding product in the market, because the market can meet demand as long as there is an order.So what are the most demanding products this year? conventional straight LED display.Right!You're right, it's the outdoor routine of straight LED displays.This makes people wonder, how could it be that the regular display is the most demanding?And listen slowly. It has been an unshakable position in outdoor LED displays for more than 20 years.From the original single and double base color to the present full color LED display screen, the straight LED display is responsible for the popularization and development of the whole LED display industry. But things are always changing and developing, as the industry of science and technology progress, SMD type LED technology development more and more mature, SMD leds in the display industry application of widely accepted by practitioners as well as advantages.Following the wide application in the field of indoor LED display, with the enhancing SMD LED brightness and ultraviolet resistant, waterproof grade ascending, SMD leds from mass to the field of outdoor indoor areas.It has become the mainstream of the industry in just two years.Conventional upright LED display in recent years, because of the homogeneity, struggling in a price war mire and unable to extricate themselves, SMD leds water-bifurcation, arose, and large-scale grab outdoor into the market, is a leather upright LED display outdoor life.Because of thin margins, and many enterprises of small to SMD LED display screen, LED to most of the LED lamp bead encapsulation manufacturers started to stop off into the LED lamp bead production line, only a small number of packaging manufacturers on the market at present is still engaged in upright LED lamp bead encapsulation.Outdoor LED display is the trend of the trend, in many people's view, the direct insertion of LED will enter the history. But the surprise is that, while many manufacturers are moving aggressively to the patch, the demand for direct LED displays has never been broken.Not only at home, but also in the vast uncultivated international emerging markets.Investigate its reason, mainly in the field of industry a few years ago the conventional screen price war is too bitter, if so many vendors continue to in the field of conventional LED straight plaque unprofitable, will eventually endanger the enterprise survival, so a lot of profits for business and industry development trend for the future judgment, resolutely out of the conventional upright LED display field.Combined with the domestic display enterprise development is mostly Europe and the United States, and other high-end market, the demand is higher, the quality of product relative to the price to bear ability is stronger, the transition table may stick LED display companies greater profit space and power.But into the LED display market, after all, is a more than 20 years of market development, unconsciously for so many years has trained a large number of market advocates, outdoor into the LED display market is not to say that take with can take with.Moreover, in some areas, it is not a good thing to have LED display, so many years' existence is reasonable, and it is not without its advantages.The first price advantage is obvious, which is the reason why the LED display will not exit the market in the short term. In the market, outdoor led screen price is always the key to the success or failure of the competition.The direct display of LED displays, after a series of price wars, has a very narrow margin of profit, and many companies have abandoned the field.On the other hand, it also shows that the bottom of the price, for the end customers, it is a cheap thing to squeeze out a lot of water in the middle and buy the excellent quality and reasonable price products Secondly, under the national One Belt And One Road strategy, countries along the One Belt And One Road are not very good at the national development foundation. Although there is demand for the display screen, they are very sensitive to price factors.These countries are more receptive to conventional straight LED displays.The development of production capacity cooperation with these countries is also more in line with China's national strategy of production capacity and destocking Similarly, in emerging markets such as Asia and Africa, there is a strong demand for LED conventional displays.Domestic manufacturers often fail to meet the demand of foreign emerging market customers, and it is often a month or two before they can get the goods.This was unthinkable in previous years. In view of this, in 2016, some display manufacturers reinvested in the field of conventional screen, and some packaging manufacturers are also keen to detect this trend and restart the production of direct LED lamp beads Despite the low margins of the LED display, demand remains strong As long as there is demand, there is room for enterprise development, and enterprises can still make great progress without standing in the tuyere.

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