What is the viewing angle of a full-color LED display?

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We know that televisions, computer displays, and LCD displays all have viewing angles, and this also exists in the field of LED screens. What is the viewing angle of the full color display? What factors are related to the viewing angle? With such questions, learn together: full-color LED display I. Definition of viewing angle of full color LED display
  • The full-color LED display viewing angle refers to the angle at which the user can clearly observe all content on the screen from different directions. The viewing angle can also be understood as the maximum or minimum angle at which the screen can be seen clearly. And the viewing angle is a reference value. The viewing angle of the LED full-color display includes two indicators: horizontal and vertical.
  • For example, usually a full-color LED display, the technical parameters are described as follows (viewing angle: 140 ° / 140 °); that is, the maximum viewing angle is 140 °, and the maximum viewing angle of horizontal and vertical is 140 °, exceeding 140 degrees. After that, the viewing effect is poor or there are blind spots.
  • The horizontal viewing angle indicates that the vertical normal of the full-color LED display (that is, the vertical imaginary line in the middle of the LED display) shall prevail. It can still be seen normally at a position perpendicular to the left or right of the normal When displaying an image, this angle range is the horizontal viewing angle of the LED full-color display screen; if the horizontal normal is the same, the viewing angle above and below is called the vertical viewing angle. Generally speaking, the viewing angle is based on contrast changes. When the viewing angle is increased, the contrast of the displayed image seen at this position will decrease, and when the angle is increased to a certain degree and the contrast is reduced to 10: 1, this angle is the maximum viewing angle of the full-color LED display.
full-color LED display Ⅱ. Factors affecting the viewing angle of full-color LED displays  
  • The bigger the full-color LED screen can be seen by the audience, the better, so the larger the viewing angle, the better. However, the size of the viewing angle is mainly determined by the die packaging method, so careful consideration must be taken when packaging the die.
  • In addition, the viewing angle has a great relationship with the viewing angle and distance, but at present most of the LED display manufacturer's angles are uniform. If you customize the angle according to the site conditions, the cost will be very high. In addition, the same chip, the larger the angle, the lower the brightness of the LED full-color screen.

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