Transparent led display

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Is LED glass the new black technology?

LED glass (LEDGlass) is also called the electric light, electric light, it is a kind of LED light source is embedded in the glass to form a variety of styles, design of high-tech products, the earliest invented by Germany, in 2006 successfully developed in China.LED glass has fully, explosion-proof, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet radiation, can design etc, it is mainly used in indoor and outdoor decoration, furniture design, lighting design, outdoor curtain wall glass, sun room, etc.

LED glass technology can make glass surface invisible circuit, suitable for all kinds of tablets and curved glass, meet customers' various design application needs.LED glass itself is a safety glass, laminated glass for the building, again with uv protection, part of the infrared energy saving effect, have some sound insulation function, can be widely used in indoor and outdoor use.Because of the energy saving characteristics of LED, LED glass is extremely energy-saving and energy-saving.

LED glass is widely used in various design and application fields, such as business or furniture interior decoration, decoration and decoration.Furniture design;Lamp tube lighting design;Interior landscape design;Indoor shower cubicle partition;The clinic;House number.Urgency is just a sign design;Meeting room partition;Indoor and outdoor curtain wall glass;Shop Windows;Counter design;Skylight design;Ceiling design;Sunshine room design;Application of 3C product glass panel;Interior and exterior billboard design;Fashion home accessories;The clock;All kinds of terminal application product design such as lamps and lanterns.

Is LED glass a transparent screen?

LED glass and transparent LED display has high permeability, do not affect indoor daylighting and watch the line of sight, can be used in glass curtain wall and glass case the broadcast information dynamic full-color video and images.As a new advertising medium, they promote the development of advertising media industry.LED glass and transparent LED display, of course, there are a lot of differences, their biggest difference lies in the difference of its appearance, the LED is glass material, made of glass with LED lamp bead inside inside;While the transparent LED display is made of aluminum, the LED light beads are embedded in the PCB, which can be divided into LED glass screen and LED light screen.The difference between the two shapes affects its application field, and the application scope of transparent LED display is more inclined to the glass curtain wall of commercial buildings and the glass window of chain stores.

In the future, LED glass and transparent LED display may be more closely integrated and promote the technology innovation in the industry, and its future development potential is unlimited.

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