Samsung Mini LED screen price

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According to industry insiders, samsung electronics almost ordered China LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker three Ann photoelectric located in xiamen Mini LED production capacity, to make sure it will be in the third quarter of 2018 the large size of high-end LCD backlit chip supply.

Samsung has paid $16.83 million for the LED screen price of chip, sources said.

China LED chip maker HuaCan photoelectric and xiamen stem as photoelectric have also started to MicroLED and Mini LED technology research and development, and China LED packaging service providers to foshan star electrical was established in early March 2018 MicroLED and Mini LED research center, so that in 2020 to 0.5 1.0 mm Mini LED encapsulation.And China's Taiwan LED epitaxial chip and chip maker crystal yuan may begin production of the Mini LED for the backlighting of smartphones in the third quarter of 2018.The company plans to start producing Min leds for the backlighting of LCD TVS and game displays by the end of 2018, and will also produce Mini LED fine pixel spacing displays.

Taiwan's vertical integration LED manufacturers ronda electronic will through the cooperation with au optronics, in the second quarter of 2018 to the third quarter to small batch packaging for laptop backlight and high-end Mini LED display panel.In 2019, it is likely that ronda's electronic Mini LED packaging revenue will exceed 10%.Taiwan LED packaging service provider wing chuang energy technology has teamed up with the group to develop Mini LED backlight solutions for smart phones, LCD televisions and automotive display applications.

Smartphone with OLED panel, compared to about $75 in costs for smartphone LCD panel, use a chip of the 4000-5000 Mini LCD backlight only about $10, LCD panel overall cost is still lower than the cost of the OLED panel.The backlighting of 15.6-inch laptop panels and LCD TV panels requires 2,000 and 5,000 to 10,000 microled chips, respectively.


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