Technology | What are the advantages and disadvantages of COB display packaging technology

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Compared with CMD packaging technology, COB packaging technology has great advantages, but it also has a disadvantage, that is, COB packaging technology is a relatively complete packaging technology. The so-called COB package, that is, the package of the chip on the board, is actually a kind of LED chip pasted on the PCB substrate. It is a new packaging technology different from the SMD packaging technology. This packaging technology simplifies the entire packaging process of the chip. , and also eliminates the original support and reflow process, making the entire LED more stable, and the dot pitch is smaller, which directly improves the resolution of the LED display.

COB display

advantage analysis

The distance between points can be smaller

The most important feature of COB packaging technology is that it can reduce the spacing of LED beads. The small dot pitch of the LED display in the original packaged SMD can only be P1.2, that is, 1.2mm, which is difficult to achieve and cannot guarantee a certain dead light rate. However, since the encapsulated COB changes the layout and patterning of the LED beads, it can essentially reduce the pitch of the reverse dots, just like the Vikon International PO. 9 is the representative product of COB packaging, its maturity and stability have been recognized by the market, and the resolution is also close to the level of LCD splicing screen.

better protection

For the LED display with small space, during transportation and installation, as long as it is subjected to external force, some light beads will fall off, resulting in the death of a single pixel lamp, no light or only a single color, which is related to the packaging technology. reason, and introduced COB packaging technology. Since the encapsulation COB is to directly encapsulate the LED chip in the groove of the PCB lamp, and then fix it with epoxy resin, the whole lamp ball is a raised sphere, which is smooth and hard, and has a better protection effect.

Long service life and low dead lamp rate

The COB package product is to encapsulate the lamp on the PCB board, and quickly transfer the heat of the lamp wick through the copper foil on the PCB board, and the thickness of the copper foil on the PCB board has strict requirements on the process, coupled with the gold plating process, almost no Causes severe light attenuation. Thus greatly extending the service life of the LED display.

Disadvantage Analysis

Difficulty in manufacturing finished products

When LED displays are encapsulated in COBs, make sure each light has no issues before refilling. It cannot replace a single bulb as SMD package, so it is very demanding for the whole packaging process.

Inconvenient to maintain

If there is a traditional LED lamp package SMD, the unit board can be disassembled after the single bulb is repaired. However, if the product package COB is repaired, it will affect the surrounding lamps, and the maintenance is very difficult. Although its protection performance is good, it will also have a certain dead light. rate, only low dead light rate, in this case only the unit board can be replaced so the product yield is much higher.

The introduction of any packaging technology has its reasons and space for its existence, and of course there will be imperfections. In the future, with the development and promotion of technology, this impact will also be reduced. In a word, COB packaging technology is a development trend in the future, especially its LED packaging space is small. For many users, resolution is a very important technology.

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