LED screen on World Cup stadium!Another beautiful scene in the stadium

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recently, a piece of news from xinhua triggered a lot of forwarding: FIFA says, this year, the fans watching the World Cup to Russia will be left with doubt, because video assistant (VAR) to make a decision after the relevant matches will be replayed on the stadium led weaving and equipped with words to explain why told fans such decisions. Why does such a message cause a lot of attention from fans and a sense of relief?It has to do with the ugly, dirty, foul wars of the year, the violence of the World Cup. 2010 World Cup in South Africa, although Spain win the World Cup trophy, but the game still left a flaw: in the final, the Netherlands, nigel DE jong, rough kick with sole in the game to the Spaniard xabi alonso in the chest, but he hasn't been the duty referee sent off.Football stadium perimeter LED display Than the infamous, however, the World Cup in South Africa even row, the first ten people have called the World Cup "war" is not without reason, such as the 1938 World Cup in France, three players left in the bitter race.In the 1954 World Cup final in Switzerland, there were also three players who left the field, and there were several large-scale fights, which became known as the "battle of Bern".And the most famous is the 1982 World Cup semi-final Germany goalkeeper schumacher bad hit France player Patrick di meal, and cause the latter shock on the spot, and the 2006 FIFA World Cup finals in Germany player zinedine zidane head butting materazzi in France. Had finished these dark history of the World Cup, then we should also see the years the development of the World Cup, the World Cup is a strong relevance special field, is athletic sports is business practices, and it contains a huge commercial potential and economic value.Level in China, although the team's performance over the years, but that did not stop the Chinese love of football match, as the World Cup organizing committee secretary general hassan said: China will be 2022 to Qatar site one of the largest number of people to watch, they (China) the football market potential is very large, in today's sports has been commercialized, it is a fundamental advantages. As it becomes more and more popular, the participation of the public is getting higher and higher, the design of stadiums is getting higher and higher, and the competition rules are becoming more and more standardizedThe advertising cost of using the competition is also increasing, among which the advertising media has also ushered in its renewal.From the limited collection of information, we can know that in the early sports events, the advertising mode on the side of the court is relatively simple, mainly based on the text.A sponsor fixed an advertising style, locked a billboard, the form is monotonous, if the advertising style needs to be changed, the billboard needs to be rebuilt.However, as the world's first sports football, still attract a lot of sponsors, will brand in this form of promotion, business development for the football market laid a certain foundation, after the development of a new generation of advertising artifact - led display! Football stadium perimeter LED display? easily solved before the first generation of stadium billboard in timeliness and spatiality is not flexible, can according to the requirement of the sponsor to easily change the content, and time is shorter, can also meet the needs of each session sponsors, can really achieve accurate delivery, boost brand in led display, make on billboards to sponsor, also entered the fans' heart!Without a doubt, it has become a necessary artifact for modern sports venues.Football stadium perimeter LED display As an advertising medium, but advertising, LED stadium screen can also live game content, replay scene, guarantee the audience to miss the every moment of the game, at the same time, the collocation of the light, foil the scene atmosphere, make the events more entertaining, forge immersive experience for the audience.It, Football stadium perimeter LED display?with light, thin, beautiful appearance, quick disassembling, arbitrary joining together for the bright spot, in combination with high strength and waterproof, prevent collision characteristics, build atmosphere with events and live, realize the function of the window shows more, playback exciting video game screen.It has been successfully recorded in 33 European football associations and has become a qualified supplier of European football association. Perhaps led display into the stadium, the first purpose is to help sponsor advertising, but development today, each has its own characteristics of led display, or help the referee's judgment, or to help the audience better viewing, or can make the game more transparent...And we mentioned what stadium violence, also will be no room in the LED screen broadcast, single from this level,Football stadium perimeter LED display for intentional offender also have played an important role in warning and deterrence, has a positive and far-reaching influence on the game, it is on a beautiful beautiful scenery.

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