Saudi Arabia Real Case

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Sunrise 60sqm P15.625mm pixel pitch transparent led screen

Saudi Arabia is one of our important markets about our transparent led screen.

The local temperature is usual high then other countries. Based on this situation, Sunrise customized this transparent led screen for Saudi Arabia matket.

Its working temperature is -40℃ to 70℃. So this working temperature is suitale for use in Saudi Arabia.

From structure installation to control system and software trainning, Sunrise provide whole complete great service for our customers. It is easier for our customers to know this transparent led screen quickly. Except the whole led screen, we will also provide the 2*1 meters structure and other neccessary devices such as power box and external power cables and network cabinet. Sunrise prefer to provide a whole complete product solution for customers. Of course, Sunrise engineer will also provide the detailed drawings for customers instructions.


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