Why Sunrise can open up US market in truck LED billboard industry

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1.Unique?PCB?design?with?larger?LED?lamp?touch?area,? enable?the?LED?lamp?to?be?fixed?on?the?board?firmly?even?with?strong?vibration. 2.Using?SMD2525?lamp?has?enough?space?between?lamps?and?mask.? Even?if?the?exterior?temperature?goes?up?or?trucks?shock,?it?won’t?get?squeezed?and?broken. 3.Soldering?paste?with?superior?quality.?Tongfang?is?rated?1st?in?the?industry? and?enables?electronic?components?like?IC,?led?lamps?to?be?attached?on?PCB?firmly? 4.Butterfly?connector?is?anti-vibration.

Apollo Series LED screen landed at International aviation and space MAKS 2019 Salon Russia

Apollo Series LED screen landed at International aviation and space MAKS 2019 Salon Russia Apollo...

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Sunrise Galaxy media facade just got EMC class B certification

Sunrise, as one of the leading companies in LED media facade field, has been pursuing the R&D...

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Sunrise monthly birthday & shining star Rocky led display screen

July, one hot season also a sweet time. At July 26, Sunrise presented one monthly birthday party ...

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Advance and Perseverance,sunrise Optoelectronics Brand Tour

This is an era of innovation and change. Unprecedented stories, like unprecedented patterns, seem...

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Safe operation of outdoor LED display signs

Shenzhen Sunrise Optoelectronics Technology is located in Pinghu, Shenzhen, is a LED display manu...

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Double-sided transparent LED display

After years of development, LED display has developed to a certain height: various types of scree...

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Indoor LED display screen, things you don’t know.

After years of development, sunrise Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has expanded its business...

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Definition and characteristics of transparent LED display screen

Sunrise LED has been in operation for more than 10 years since 2007, and has now become a leading...

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