How should outdoor electronic signs be waterproof?

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There is a "valley rain" solar term in the 24 solar terms. The arrival of the "valley rain" solar term means that the cold wave weather is basically over and the temperature rise is accelerated. Frequent movement, low pressure and Jianghuai cyclone activity gradually increased, some places will appear continuous rain and heavy storm. This season's LED display will usher in the first test after spring: as an electronic product, fear of water and tide is natural. As outdoor electronic signs, waterproof and moisture proof is necessary. High temperature, heavy humidity, device expansion deformation, will affect the normal work of the circuit board, resulting in dead lights, short circuit, damage the function and life of the display screen. Therefore, for LED display users, moisture-proof and waterproof is the key. outdoor electronic signs First, let's talk about outdoor electronic signs. In the outdoor, the difficulty of moisture-proof LED display is much smaller than indoor, but can not be underestimated. In order to avoid the air humidity caused by abnormal display of LED display screen, we suggest that we regularly clean up the dust inside and outside the display screen, this way can help the display better heat dissipation, reduce the adhesion of water vapor. At the same time, often use LED display screen, because the working state of the display screen itself will produce some heat, can evaporate some steam, thus greatly reducing the possibility of short circuit caused by humidity. Of course, for the improper storage of unused LED display screen body water, Asahi Xiaobian for everyone to sort out the correct remedies: 1.Blow the LED display panel completely dry with the fan or other tools at the fastest speed. 2.The aging of the screen body after completely drying is carried out. The specific steps are as follows: A, brightness (Quan Bai) to 10%, power aging for 8-12 hours. B, brightness (Quan Bai) to 30%, power aging for 12 hours. C, brightness (Quan Bai) to 60%, power aging for 12-24 hours. D, brightness (Quan Bai) to 80%, power aging for 12-24 hours. E, brightness (Quan Bai) to 100%, power aging for 8-12 hours. Complete the above steps, the outdoor electronic signs will basically return to normal, but in the process can not be water LED screen into the airbox, because it is easy to stuff the LED lights out. When the warehouse is filled with water, it is possible for the air box to be filled with water. All the air boxes should be exposed to the sun to prevent moisture from evaporating into the LED display. Intake of water LED display screen may affect the stability of the screen, in the emergency treatment, the screen may be electrified after the phenomenon of incessant dead lights. outdoor electronic signs Good product usage and service life are inseparable from the user's careful maintenance. It should be noted that all intake LED display screens in the air box more than 3 days in the screen basically no repair value, please be cautious. Lian Chengfa Xiaobian reminds us that when using products in rainy season, we must pay attention to the waterproof and moisture-proof condition of the products, and guard against fire accidents caused by damp damage in the screen.

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