The core technology of LED video display screen

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LED video display screen from the original monochrome display screen, two-color display screen, three-color display screen, until today's multi-color display screen, accumulated a variety of color processing technology, become one of the core technologies of LED video display?screen, the following small and everyone to understand 1.Color restoration processing: The birth of pure blue and green LED, so that full-color LED display with its wide gamut, high brightness by the industry's pursuit, in the performance of human skin color, there is a more obvious visual bias, thus, color restoration processing technology came into being. led video display 2.White-field color coordinate allocation: White-field color coordinate allocation is one of the most basic technologies for full-color LED display. Many LED video display screen manufacturers have begun to standardize the full-color color matching process. However, some manufacturers often allocate white-field color coordinates at the expense of the gray level of some basic colors, so that the overall performance can not be improved. led video display 3.Selection of Primary Color Wavelength: LED video display screen has been widely used in various fields because of its own characteristics. Different fields require different primary color wavelengths of LEDs. How to choose the primary color wavelengths of LEDs to achieve better visual effects depends on the use and occasions. The so-called static screen in the design of LED video display is corresponding to the dynamic screen (scanning screen). The static screen means that all the lights are lit at the same time when the display is displayed. Scanning screen is the use of human visual retention characteristics, in a very short period of time will be LED electronic display lines are lit. LED display is driven by duty cycle, so the brightness of the display has a great relationship with the time period of lighting. Under the same brightness of luminous tube, the static screen is brighter than the dynamic screen, so the general outdoor screen with static screen, indoor screen with dynamic screen, in order to save driving costs.

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