Distribution and characteristics of stadium perimeter led display

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The LED display has made a great contribution to the advertising campaign. It is also a necessary lighting product around the modern stadium. In many major sports events, a large number of LED displays, especially the world's top sports events, such as the Olympic Games, the world championships and the Asian Games, are also the indispensable equipment. In many cases, we will obviously see stadium perimeter LED display , because their effect is also more obvious. stadium perimeter led display The stadium perimeter LED display? can be divided into two categories from the existing ones. One is the timing score LED display, which will be connected to the timing scoring system of the game. It can play a full play of the player's performance and related information. In a sense of the game, the timing scoring screen becomes particularly important. Some venues may not have a video screen, but it is impossible not to have a video screen. A screen used for timing scoring. Because the key of the time scoring screen is real-time, accurate, clear and clear, and on the basis of this, try to achieve vivid and stronger expressive power. The score LED display mainly displays the performance or other information of the players in the way of text or graphics. The color can be made of monochromatic, polychromatic, or panchromatic colors. The text information should be in English and Chinese. The graphics mainly show the symbol information of the national flag of the player, and the animation should be applied to the display effect of the display screen, or the wonderful scene, such as breaking the record and scoring. The other is the full color LED screen big screen, which is mainly used to play on the scene of the game or in other events, or slow motion playback, or wonderful close-up, etc. The visual machine is general. Because of the large number of visitors to the Olympic Games and large international events, many people can't go to the stadium because of the limited viewing position on the field, but it does not prevent them from watching the game, so that they can also broadcast the live in the public field in the city or the full color screen set in the full color. This will enable more people to participate in big competitions as they are at the same time. But this is not entirely within the scope of venue construction. In addition, there is a big LED screen for commercial advertising, and the form of this display is diversified, and the most common display is stadium perimeter LED display . But generally speaking, commercial advertisements are not allowed in the Olympic Games.

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