Three major factors in the popularity of the truck LED display

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Why is truck LED display so popular in today's market? The features show all the problems, the good clarity of the truck LED display, the real color performance and the excellent compatibility and so on, bring the perfect shock to the user and the memorable visual feast. Let's talk about the three major factors of the truck screen. truck led display   First, scene adaptation HDR enhances audience participation. Any truck LED display must be displayed in a consistent way. Unfortunately, changes in grayscale and brightness will make it difficult to achieve. Adaptive HDR technology, which can identify and adjust differences to ensure continuous uniformity, is another noteworthy function. It is based on several components to ensure high throughput contrast and achieve peak brightness in an audience friendly manner. Specifically, a proprietary anti color mapping algorithm can improve the contrast in the various content scenes to adapt to the overall size of the display and the brightness of the characteristic content. Similarly, modern scene adaptation HDR technology includes a complementary anti-dazzle feature that allows viewers to adjust their eyes to the brightness level of the screen.   Two, color management, showing accurate, real content. The modern truck LED display provides a wider RGB gamut than LCD, which brings better picture quality. However, some truck LED products are difficult to adapt to such a wide gamut, resulting in blurred or supersaturated hue. Therefore, in this kind of affected display, the skin color may be reddish. To overcome these differences, any display screen needs to include a comprehensive color management function. Color management uses proprietary algorithms to maintain higher accuracy even at lower gray levels, thus ensuring consistent RGB gray and color display. Eliminating this red hue can truly reflect people's skin color, which is crucial for video conferencing, model or actor promotions and performances. truck led display Three, dynamic peak value, reach the best content brightness. It is very important for indoor environment to display noticeable content at all times. Multi functionality can help display to overcome potential distortion of content caused by low grayscale or adverse natural and ambient light. Therefore, dynamic peak technology has become an important indicator of LED performance. This innovative function can overcome this consistency barrier and magnify the brightness of content, regardless of the surrounding environment. Through this technology, the peak brightness of truck LED display can reach two times of the peak value of known LED. Even under the white or dark background, the technology can make the truck LED screen produce bright and consistent content.

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