Seven parameters of LED full color display module

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With the rapid development of various emerging markets, outdoor media, advertising, outdoor surface paste, special-shaped screens and other market performance, in which LED display is becoming a hot product in the industry. With the continuous progress and update of LED technology, LED display market has been gradually valued by many LED enterprises. Module is the core part of the LED display screen, it is a product with LED circuit board and shell, and the LED beads are arranged according to certain rules for packaging, and then add some waterproof treatment to form a product. With the continuous development and application of LED display industry, more and more attention has been paid to the function and function of LED module. The following Lian sunrise Xiaobian ( to popularize the LED full color display module parameters of knowledge. LED full color display 1, the operating temperature of the LED module: the normal working temperature of the LED full color display module is usually between - 18 degree C and 58 degree C. If the range of requirements is higher, special treatment should be carried out, such as air conditioning or exhaust fan. 2.LED module luminous angle: no lens LED module luminous angle is mainly determined by the LED beads, LED beads of different luminous angles are also different, generally to manufacturers to provide the LED beads luminous angle for the LED module luminous angle. 3.LED module color: it is the most basic parameters of LED module, different colors used in different occasions. According to the color category, it can be divided into two types: single color and full color single point control. Monochrome is a single color, can not change, connected to the power can work; full-color single point is to be able to control the color of each module, in the number of modules to a certain extent when the number of pictures and video can be achieved. Full color single point plus control system can achieve results. LED full color display 4. LED module brightness: when it comes to brightness, we think of the word high brightness, this parameter is a more concerned parameter. Luminance is a complicated problem in LED. The luminance we say in LED module is usually the luminous intensity and transparency, which is usually the sum of the relative degrees of each module. 5. LED module size: usually refers to the length, width and size. The maximum length of a single connection, which we use more often in large projects, means the number of LED modules connected in a series LED module. This is related to the size of the connecting line of the LED module, and it should be customized according to the actual situation. 6. LED module waterproof grade: This is mainly for outdoor, it is to ensure that the LED full color display module can work outdoors for a long time an important indicator. Generally, the waterproof level is best in the open air condition. 7.LED module voltage: It is an important parameter in the LED module. At present, 12V low-voltage module is more common. When connecting the power supply and the control system, it is necessary to check the correctness of the voltage value in order to power on, otherwise the LED module will be damaged.

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