Mesh transparent LED display and glass application

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At present, in the bustling and noisy city, we see more conventional LED display screen, some of them are used in office buildings, some in commercial buildings, some in science and technology exhibitions, etc.... Another kind of display screen is not ventilated, blocking the outdoor light and view, it It is the mesh transparent LED display screen, and its value with glass curtain wall is often neglected. mesh transparent led display The mesh transparent LED display has always been the focus of attention from many groups. It works well with glass curtain walls, and can be used in shopping malls, commercial buildings, auto shops, shopping malls, etc. as long as there is a glass mesh transparent LED display. The sunrise mesh transparent LED display makes the world more transparent and makes the glass more attractive. Then why is it so popular? Then let's have a look. Firstly, this LED screen solves a big problem that the traditional LED screen can not be used in large area of glass curtain wall. With the development of LED display technology and the breakthrough of modern building technology, it has been gradually sought after by the market in recent years, especially in the application of glass curtain wall building, there are various solutions. Mesh transparent LED display technology, with high transparency, ultra-thin characteristics, has obvious technical advantages in the field of building media. In the increasingly scarce urban outdoor advertising resources, glass curtain wall is a new blue ocean area. This area has a wide range of applications and implementation. mesh transparent led display In addition, the reticulated transparent LED display solves the problem that window advertisements in the commercial retail industry can not be displayed digitally. Street-front window is an important means of commodity display and publicity in retail stores. It is of great significance to display the types of operation of retail stores, focus on promoting commodities and attract consumers to buy. Let the window from the traditional single print advertising liberation, advertising forms more flexible, more vivid store image, so that consumers and stores have a deeper level of information exchange and interaction. There are also mesh transparent LED display has perfectly integrated modern art, and has high transparency, stability, long life and other major points, as high as 90% of the pass rate, it can be installed after the completion of the original building will not affect the style and indoor lighting and viewing line, more importantly, can also play a brightening. The role of glass building can enhance its commercial value and play a good advertising effect. Sunrise mesh transparent LED display gives glass curtain wall a new life again, making glass more vitality, making urban life more colorful!

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