What causes outdoor LED display to be bad?

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Shenzhen Sunrise Photoelectric Technology is a LED display panel manufacturer, providing integrated production and sales services, the company is located in Pinghu, Shenzhen, plant covers an area of 12,000 square meters, advanced production line equipment, a professional production team and sales team. The factory's LED display has high performance and patience, and its products are certified by ROSH, CE and so on. Exports are widely used in many countries.outdoor led diplay With the continuous development of social progress, low-carbon, energy-saving life, and people began to gradually enhance the environmental awareness of outdoor LED display. And the outdoor LED display screen has also been popular, LED display as a "inexhaustible, inexhaustible" new energy security and environmental protection. LED display screen has also made a contribution to the street lamp, so LED display street lamp has slowly begun to have its current market position. To popularize LED display street lamp, we must understand the stability of LED display street lamp. In fact, the stability of LED street lights is mainly reflected in three aspects: not suddenly off, the quality of LED light source is good, can work in continuous rainy days. 1.Will not suddenly extinguish: LED display street lamp is to absorb the amount of outdoor LED display as energy, when the sun charged to the battery, when the environment is dark to a certain extent, the battery will give the street lamp lighting work operation of electricity, so there will not be a sudden extinguishment of the situation, outdoor LED display circuit The lamp uses the direct current power supply, only a very small probability will occur problems, and if the LED display battery has a problem, it will not occur suddenly turn off the lights, but will gradually darken in the next period of time, at this time we have to increase the quality of the LED display street lamp detection to avoid There are some unnecessary losses. outdoor led diplay 2, LED light quality: outdoor LED display street lamp light source is generally used LED lamp, because LED lamp has many advantages, long lighting life (can be about 100000 hours), and in use will not emit excessive heat, which greatly prolongs the life of the light source. 3.It can also be used normally in several rainy and cloudy days. Outdoor LED street lamps use LED display screen for power generation, so they can also be used for lighting in sunless days. As a manufacturer of LED street lamps in Shenzhen, sunrise Technology Co., Ltd. is designing LED street lamps. These problems will also be taken into account when the case, and then through communication with customers, according to the local rainy weather conditions given by customers to configure suitable street lighting accessories, in order to solve the local maximum continuous rainy days can also work, so as to avoid the occurrence of no power off.

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