Energy saving and environmentally-friendly outdoor LED billboards

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The LED display market has been valued by many LED enterprises. Outdoor LED billboards can really enhance the image of the city, and the forms of advertising are flexible. However, in the use of outdoor LED billboards, there are still some areas that need to be improved, let's take a look at it. one. Structure design: outdoor LED billboards generally have a large area, so they are still very heavy. The first thing to notice in outdoor LED billboards is the structure design. Installation structure should take into account: wind resistance, earthquake resistance, bearing and other major factors; secondly, the shape of the screen, structure, external decoration design should be in harmony with the attached building or environment; thirdly, consider local environmental factors, such as air humidity, air salinity and alkali content (coastal city), and so on. outdoor led billboards two.Light pollution: The investigation of fog and haze in Chaijing - under the dome has aroused people's wide attention to fog and haze, environmental protection, caring for society, environmental protection and everyone is responsible. In recent years, LED display has been widely used in all walks of life, but little mention of the "light pollution" problem. According to the current international definition of light pollution, it is usually divided into three categories: white pollution, artificial daylight pollution and color pollution. At present, there are only relevant regulations on glass curtain wall in white light pollution in China, and there are no relevant regulations on artificial day and color light pollution. But taking into account the pollution of color light does cause people feel uncomfortable, should belong to "light pollution". When designing the display screen, we must consider the prevention and control of light pollution on the display screen. The following are several solutions to light pollution. outdoor led billboards 1.Reasonable planning of LED display area and installation location: According to the viewing distance and viewing angle, as well as the surrounding environment, and display content requirements, reasonable planning of display area and location. Instead of blindly pursuing large area and prominent location. 2.Multi-level gray-scale correction technology to improve color softness: LED display products use more gray-scale, so that the color looks soft, natural transition. 3.Selection and design of broadcast content: Large-scale giant LED display screen is the public media, including public welfare, advertising, instructions and so on. When we choose to play the content, we must reach a consensus with the public and avoid refusing to read. 4.Adopt a brightness adjustment system that can be adjusted automatically by the system: the brightness of the environment varies greatly at different times and places. If the brightness of the display screen is greater than that of the environment too much, it will cause people's eyes to be inadaptable. Especially the brightness difference between day and night is relatively large, resulting in light pollution. Our automatic brightness adjustment system can be self-contained. Dynamic conversion is suitable for the broadcast brightness of the environment and avoid light pollution. In recent years, many LED display manufacturers have done a lot of work in the field of needle light pollution. The degree of light pollution has been greatly reduced, which makes a great contribution to enriching our visual space and lighting up a better life.  

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