What is the best way to separate the LED display and the lamp drive?

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The LED display board is composed of a lamp board and a driving board. At present, there are two design schemes in the market. One is the combination of lamp driving and the other is the separation of lamp drivers. Many customers are not very familiar with the LED display products using these two solutions, which is the best or the worst, do not know how to choose? 1.LED display lamp drive in one: Full-color LED display lamp and drive IC are all on a PCB board, IC in the front of the PCB board, eliminating copper insertion, the advantage is no inductance effect, no screen; the disadvantage is troublesome maintenance. 2.LED Display Lamp Drive Separation: LED lamp in a separate PCB circuit board, drive IC in another PCB board, between the two PCB boards using row needle and row mother to insert the way of signal connection to achieve the purpose of normal work. 3.There are three main reasons for the separation of LED electronic display screen by light drive: first, LED display screen is plug-in LED, LED foot affects the normal placement of back drive IC, so the separation of light drive is adopted; second, the point spacing of LED display screen is too small, in the electronic design of PCB circuit wiring, the use of light drive. Separation can increase the wiring area of PCB board; third, it is conducive to heat dissipation without affecting the display effect of LED display screen. If the LED lamp is driven in one way, when the density of LED lamp is very high, the heat of driving IC will be very high, then the heat of driving IC will directly affect the LED lamp which is directly opposite to IC through PCB, so that LE D color changes. This is not the case with lamp driven separation. 4.the comparison between the lamp-driving integration and the lamp-driving separation: from the cost point of view, the cost of lamp-driving integration is slightly lower; from the maintenance point of view, the way of lamp-driving separation is easy to maintain, because it can be replaced by each other to detect, and the lamp-driving separation lamp is concentrated together, it is easy to change the lamp; from the heat dissipation point of view, the lamp is easy to change. Flooding separation is more conducive to heat dissipation. To sum up: the general indoor scanning display using a relatively more lamp-driven, cost-saving; and most of the outdoor LED display using lamp-driven separation, this way can be very good to extend the display effect and life of the LED display. Choose what kind of way, according to the use of the environment and specific circumstances to decide.  

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