The Future growth Space of LED display screen Industry


Where is the growth space in the future when the LED display manufacture has reached an unprecedented level of development? The LED grid screen is good, that is, the LED grid screen is also commonl...

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LED electronic display price is an art, it is also an expression of wisdom


The price of led electronic display is an art, and it is also an expression of wisdom. The game of price is so elusive and so charming. It can make you rejoice and it can make you miserable. It can...

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Sunrise opens up the era of common-cathode cold light source.


With the wide application of LED display screen, besides the higher requirement for display effect, temperature and power consumption are also a key indicator for the customers’?concern. Traditiona...

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Dragon Festival in China


?Dragon Festival is coming   2300 years ago, there had one famous politician,also a poet in China,called Quyuan,he was very intelligent and also had very good competence in Kingdom Chu.He did ...

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Outdoor full color LED display HD era is coming to us.


LED display is a display product with high brightness, low voltage, low power consumption, long life, impact resistance and stable performance, especially outdoor LED display. LED display has devel...

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Stadium screen, beautiful scenery of World Cup venues


FIFA said that fans going to Russia to watch the World Cup this year would not be confused because the video assistant referee (VAR) made a decision and the relevant game pictures would be replayed...

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What is the best way to separate the LED display and the lamp drive?


The LED display board is composed of a lamp board and a driving board. At present, there are two design schemes in the market. One is the combination of lamp driving and the other is the separation...

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Do not stare at the foreign market, the domestic LED display market is also very popular!


After several years of rapid development, the LED display industry is now affected by the downward pressure of the domestic economy and the rise of Global trade doctrine. The growth rate has slowed...

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outdoor led advertising signs are cleaned by University.


In the past, China’s LED display market followed foreign countries, because of immature technology, backward production capacity and lack of innovation, many products are imitation, resulting...

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About mobile rental LED display related behavior standards


LED display has been widely used in all corners of the city, has become a unique symbol to enhance the image of the city, so far in 2017, the Guangdong Provincial Local Standard mobile Rental LED D...

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Advantages of outdoor digital LED display in advertising


LED display advertising media also has the characteristics of high effective arrival rate, compared with television, newspapers and other media delivery forms, LED display prices are relatively low...

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Classification and installation of LED wall display products


According to relevant agencies, with the rapid development of various emerging markets, outdoor media, advertising, outdoor display, special-shaped screens and other market performance, in which LE...

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