LED display control card failure causes and solutions

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  • The LED display control card is the core component of the LED graphic display, which is mainly responsible for receiving the screen display information from the computer serial port, placing the frame memory, and generating the serial display data and scanning control timing required by the LED display by the partition drive. We can see the importance of the LED display control card from the term "core components". What if the system does not detect the LED control card? Let's take a look with Xiaobian
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  • How to judge the LED control card is in normal working condition?
  • After the controller card is powered on, observe the power indicator. If the red light is on, the 5V voltage is connected. If the red light is not on, turn off the 5V power immediately. Check whether the 5V working voltage is connected, whether it is overvoltage, reverse connection, failure, output short circuit, etc. Please use a separate 5V power supply to power the control card. If the red light is not on, repair it.
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  • General solution steps for LED control card failure
  • 1. Confirm that the control card is compatible with the software.
  •   2, check whether the connection cable is falling off, loose, check and confirm that the serial cable used to connect the control card is matched with the control card, some control cards are used through (2-3, 3-3, 5-5) and some control cards are used (2-3, 3-2, 5-5).
  • 3. Ensure that the hardware of the control system is correctly powered on.
  • 4, check the control card software and their choice of control card to select the correct product model, the correct transmission mode, the correct serial port number, the correct baud rate and control system hardware to correctly set the address bit and baud rate.
  • 5, if after the above check and correction is still not loaded, please use a multimeter to measure whether the connected computer or the serial port of the control system hardware is damaged, to confirm whether it should be returned to the computer manufacturer or the control system hardware returned for testing.
  • 6, if the fifth step is not convenient, please contact the manufacturer for technical support.
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  • LED control card failure is a common phenomenon
  • Phenomenon 1: After the connection is good and the power is powered on, only part of the program is played, and then it stops playing and starts playing again.
  • The main reason is that the power supply is not enough, and the control card restarts automatically. 1, reduce the brightness; 2, the power supply with the control card is less than two unit boards; 3. Add power supply
  • Symptom 2: When the controller card is normal, the display is not displayed or the brightness is abnormal
  • After the control card is connected to the display driver and powered on, the default scan is 16. If no display is displayed, check whether the data polarity and OE polarity Settings in the control software are correct. If the brightness is abnormal and a line is especially bright, it indicates that the OE setting is reversed. Please set the OE correctly.
  • Symptom 3: When sending information to the control card, the system displays "Error occurred. Transfer failed."
  • Check whether the communication interface is connected correctly, whether the jumper on the control card jumps to the corresponding level position, and whether the parameters in "Control Card Settings" are correct. And whether the working voltage is too low, please use a multimeter to measure, a ensure that the voltage is above 4.5V.
  • Symptom 4: After the information is loaded, the display cannot be displayed properly
  • Check whether the scan output is selected correctly in Control Card Settings.
  • Symptom 5: Communication is interrupted during networking
  • Please check whether the connection mode of communication lines is correct, and the communication lines of each screen are connected to the computer interface by mistake, which will produce strong reflection waves and cause serious interference to the transmission signal. The correct connection mode should be adopted. For details, see "Communication Interface Use and Precautions".
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  • How to solve communication problems when using GSM data transmission and remote dialing?
  • First, check whether the MODEM is faulty. Disconnect the MODEM connected to the control card and connect the MODEM to another computer. In this way, the sending and receiving modems are connected to the computer and are disconnected from the control system. Download a software called Serial Debugging Assistant from the Internet and use it to set up and debug the MODEM. The setting method is as follows: Open the serial debugging Assistant on both ends and enter ATS0=1 Press Enter in the serial debugging Assistant on the receiving end. This command can set the MODEM on the receiving end to automatic answering. If the setting is successful, the AA indicator on the MODEM is on. If the indicator is off, the setting fails. Check whether the MODEM is correctly connected to the computer and powered on.
  • After the automatic answer is successfully set, the serial port debugging assistant on the sending end enters phone number of the receiving end and press Enter to dial up the receiving end. In this case, some information can be transferred from the sending end to the receiving end or from the receiving end to the sending end. If the information received at both ends is normal, the communication connection is established and the CD indicator on the MODEM is on. If the preceding steps are normal, the MODEM communication is normal.
  • If the communication is still abnormal after the MODEM is checked, the fault may be caused by the control card Settings. Connect the MODEM to the control card, open the control card setting software on the sending end, click Read back to the setting, check whether the serial port baud rate, serial port, protocol and other Settings are correct, and click Write Settings. Open the offline King software, set the corresponding communication interface mode and parameters in the communication mode, and finally send the script.

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