LED screen mistake: the brighter the better?

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Many people are familiar with LED screen.Nowadays, LED screen are not uncommon in subway stations, shopping malls and buildings.So, when choosing an LED screen, the brighter the better?Now let's solve this problem. As is known to all, LED, as a new luminous technology, is based on LED, and features low energy consumption and high brightness are inherent. Therefore, LED display is becoming more and more popular.Not only that, in many businesses to introduce users to LED products, often based on "low energy consumption, high brightness" assassin's mace, to the user created a "comes higher brightness, the better, the more value", is this really the case? LED screen adopts spontaneous light technology. As a light source, LED lamp beads inevitably suffer from the problem of brightness attenuation after a period of use.To achieve high brightness, greater drive current is required.However, under strong electric current, the stability of LED lamp beads will be reduced, and the decay will be faster.In other words, the pursuit of high brightness is actually at the expense of the quality and life of LED screen. Moreover, the problem of light pollution in cities around the world has become so serious that many countries have even introduced laws and regulations to strictly control outdoor lighting and display brightness.High brightness of LED screen as many display technology, almost become overlord of outdoor display, but once in the night, a bright screen may become a kind of invisible "pollution", as a result, the pursuit of brightness and environmental balance is more significant. The last factor to consider is cost.Pure pursuit of a higher brightness, is bound to cause higher overall cost of the project, at the same time also means that the user is likely to demand for use beyond the performance part bought single, caused the waste. As a result, the user when the LED screen of choose and buy, do not need to listen to merchants "brightness is higher, the better" screen of misreading, understand that seeking pure brightness value index is meaningless, even resulting in loss of image quality, longevity and cost.

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