LED digital display maintenance and maintenance see their own will also repair!

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Walking in the streets, you can see the LED screen everywhere, full color, monochrome everywhere.LED digital display not only enhance the image of the city but also enriched the cultural life of people, can reflect the development of LED industry in this line speed is so fast, when we enjoy the visual feast and economic benefits of LED display, at the same time, we also should know more about the LED display of the matters needing attention, so that the safe and normal operation of LED digital display screen.led digital display Just like traditional electronic products, to make LED digital display live longer, it is necessary to pay attention to methods and maintain the display screen.With the wide use of LED electronic display screen, which is associated with the use of a growing problem, the influence of various subjective and objective factors, resulting in a decrease of the life span of the LED electronic display screen, unable to normal display, black screen. I. daily maintenance and maintenance of master computer The computer is usually placed in the control room. In order to ensure the stability of the display screen and good display effect, the main control computer should be maintained as follows: 1.1 keep control of indoor environment clean, dust removal, and regularly on the computer and peripheral equipment for dust pollution computer keyboard, disk, monitors and host circuit boards and other important components, can cause major problems. 1.2 when the computer is working, it will give off a lot of heat.If the heat dissipation is not good, the indoor temperature is too high, easy to cause the computer to crash and other failures, long-term use will reduce the service life of the main control computer, therefore, indoor ventilation should be paid attention to.1.3 if the environment temperature is higher, such as the hot summer months), the control room shall be installed fan, conditional can be equipped with air conditioning, temperature should be kept at 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ °, from 30% to 80% relative humidity, avoid computer work under high temperature and high humidity environment. 1.4 on a regular basis to test the computer hardware and peripheral accessories, such as graphics, sending card is loose, DVI line, RS232 serial port is loose or damaged, etc., found that the problem should be ruled out;1.5 conduct regular anti-virus treatment on the computer, especially install anti-virus software for those who can access the Internet. Periodically upgrade the playing software to ensure the latest version of the playing software.led digital display 2. Matters needing attention to change and change of control part 2.1 the power line of the computer and control part shall not be connected back to the original position.If there is any external device, after the connection is completed, whether the shell is charged or not shall be tested. 2.2 when controlling equipment such as mobile computer, check the connection line and control board for looseness before electrification. 2.3 the position and length of communication lines and flat connection lines shall not be changed at will. 2.4 after moving, if abnormal phenomena such as short circuit, trip, burning line and smoke are found, the power shall not be tested repeatedly, and problems shall be found timely. Iii. Precautions for software operation 3.1 software backup: WIN2003, WINXP, application program, software installation program, database, etc.It is recommended to use "one key restore" software, easy to operate. 3.2 proficient in installation method, original data recovery and backup. 3.3 master the setting of control parameters and modification of basic data preset. 3.4 proficient in using programs, operations and editing.

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