Small spacing outdoor led screen

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Now LED display has become very common in our life a display products, from the stage of high-end places screen, to the roadside stall scroll the text on the screen, or from the large outdoor?led? screen for advertising,?small video display terminal to the meeting, imperceptible in LED display has been deeply penetrated into every aspect of our lives.

As anyone with some knowledge of LED display information knows, small-spaced LED displays are generally made of indoor LED displays with a point spacing of 2mm below.A few years ago, the small distance between the LED display screen is widely used in security monitoring, command and control center, or in the field of high-end, such as radio and television, and mixed is popular, is there a across the LED display industry's momentum.After indoor small spacing, small spacing outdoor LED display gradually become many LED display manufacturers scramble to preempt the market hot spots, with insiders predict said: the future small spacing of outdoor LED display screen the size of the market is expected to more than indoor small spacing, the news appeared, like the ground thunder, make people nervous and excited.

According to the statistical analysis of the data, at present, the outdoor small space has already broken through P2.6, and there are corresponding application cases.At the same time, many leading screen enterprises in the industry also began to develop towards small outdoor space.Some industry enterprise, has said: outdoor small spacing will reopen the LCD splicing screen has failed to start the outdoor and half outdoor digital signs in the market, and will create domestic outdoor/half outdoor small advertising screen nearly 20 billion yuan of emerging markets.Therefore, outdoor small spacing LED display market is so attractive!From big trade show and the LED display manufacturers launch trends, outdoor application data has been updated, distance between the point of the enterprise is using various, strive to hold a place among the small spacing in the outdoor market.In the second half of last year, with a company as the representative of the screen are every made significant progress in COB packaging technology, COB packaging has become the industry a variety of outdoor small spacing in doubt the best way to solve problem, small make up thought in 2018 years, with the further stability of COB encapsulation technology and publicity, outdoor LED display market for small spacing have very good assisted effect.

As is known to all, small spacing of outdoor LED display market occupy almost half of the LED display industry, in the current big data age of the Internet, outdoor market also usher in a new change, with the progress of small spacing of outdoor LED display products in the future, an evening outdoor media market is bound to have a market share of small spacing, development prospect is wonderful.

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