In-depth research report on outdoor LED display advertising market

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Also see on the Internet too much report about LED display play vacancy rate, the article points out that the main cause of LED display play the vacancy rate is a conservative advertising forms, keep pace with big data era.Second, there is a general lack of innovation and attractiveness.According to the relevant institutions, the survey found about 70% of the outdoor led display advertising?companies are losing money, 15% of businesses in the balance of payments, only 15% of corporate profits, more than seventy percent of the outdoor led display advertising?vacancy rates as high as 70%, 80%, makes the whole outdoor led display?advertising industry in the embarrassing position. outdoor LED display advertising Industry development has made an indelible achievements, but in recent years, the frequent changes of industry to industry insiders hold broken heart, to the LED display industry development in the future, someone glad someone sorrow.LED outdoor advertising screen has developed from a broad market and a favorable space at the beginning, to a high vacancy rate and difficult operation of outdoor advertising media.This makes people wonder: under the condition that the market prospect is still considerable, what makes LED outdoor advertising screen fall into the vicious circle of business downturn? The overall environment is sluggish, the economic stimulus excessive causes the advertiser to release the budget compression In recent years many outdoor LED display succumbed to operate at a loss, investigate its fundamental, it is not difficult to discover the cause of the domestic business at a loss basically has the following three points: one is fulled by government support and market outdoor LED in the great cities of the surge in the number of market impact, both in local business and national large-scale operations must be facing the secondary investment difficult problem.For a traditional LED advertising screen, even if a customer does not have to broadcast the investment promotion all day long.Moreover, the longer the gap period for secondary investment promotion, the greater the loss of profits, which is an unavoidable problem for most large-screen operators.The other is that the operation mode of outdoor advertising is not very reasonable. LED outdoor advertising is standardized and cannot truly achieve a virtuous cycle.Advertising is a barometer of the economy, and it's natural for advertisers to cut back on advertising when the environment is tough.On the other hand, the merger of rival giants has also affected overall advertising revenues, such as 58 and ganji, youku and tudou. The fragmentation of advertising, media competition is fierce, and advertisers increasingly need to assess the effectiveness of advertising Heat in the explosion of the Internet in recent years, the rise of new media, advertising the advent of the era of fragmentation, the media, on the serious, serious customer churn, on the other hand with big data technology application, the advertisers to put on the effect of the demand is higher and higher. The media agency system is backward and the salesmen's promotion methods are backward The traditional media agency system leads to too many intermediate links, which runs counter to the cross-media promotion needs of advertisers. The small workshops of advertising agencies have high efficiency and low service costs.Salesmen by means of marketing backward, unable to meet the company's business and performance development needs, the company is more difficult to survive. Outdoor advertising media have high prices and weak bargaining power, most of which cannot afford it Outdoor advertising prices are high, of course, because of the high cost and high cost of outdoor media, such as high speed single pillar brand advertising, railway station square LED large screen advertising.It is believed that the bus shelter light box advertising, frame advertising and other prices are relatively low, but the general package of quantitative advertising, the total amount is relatively high.Quantity was small, and most small and medium-sized enterprise due to a single media budgets most KanLi price is lower than outdoor advertising media, lead to weak bargaining power, even there is no room for bargaining, cause many enterprises not or no advertising.Therefore, most of the outdoor advertisements we see are product promotion of famous brands and large enterprises.For example, our common advertisements for waiting booths are mostly trailers, discount promotion advertisements of jd Tmall, food advertisements of famous brands, and advertisements of famous brands.Advertising is not professional, worrying about hard links Advertising, whether on the main media or for advertisers, walk process is a relatively complicated and repeated job, all need to invest a lot of energy to process of cooperation, not only on time and customer communication cooperation, more in the manuscript, the approval of qualifications, the issue of verification, the late time consuming financial settlement. New media + outdoor media bundling sales, advertisers less types of advertising Tie-in sales and sales package is a traditional outdoor media developers often use the strategy, such as ticket envelope ads with the airport light box, electric LED advertising film collocation, wet umbrella to match the mall stores the door hanging banner ads, large supermarket hand advertising supermarket in collocation, the elevator frame collocation office broadcast advertisement, etc.Bundled sales strategies can affect the income of other outdoor advertising media to some extent. The traditional outdoor advertising media industry monopolizes the operation, the general advertiser put no door Take the subway, every ears filled with the voice of the television advertising, subway metro tunnel of light boxes advertising also can yet be regarded as a beautiful scenery, but nearly 1 years, metro TV often is off the air, almost no tunnel light box advertising, shake handshandle only subway ads and subway car sticker will also appear in our line of sight.Secondly, there are airport ads, aircraft fuselage ads and so on. Most of them are international brands. Just now, I have analyzed nearly all the difficulties in the development of the advertising industry. As the representative of outdoor advertising, LED screen is facing a more prominent situation.To sum up, the economic stimulus is excessive, resulting in the client budget compression;Fragmentation and innovative development make media competition fierce and customer diversion;Most small and medium enterprises advertisers can not afford to advertise at all, and at the same time put more intermediate links, trouble and effort.As for the vacancy problem of large LED screen, advertisers also try their best to solve the current situation, but the result is not satisfactory.Today we take LED empty this problem, in addition to the design of LED into the construction, through the research we think again - "AD sharing, screen the world" the scheme, through the Internet technology, the thought and pattern innovation, transforming traditional advertising mode of operation, to build the whole media DSP platform and intensive one-stop Internet procurement platform.Can effectively solve the media of excess, the vacancy rate is too high, control of resources waste problem over time and advertising AD is not professional, bargaining power is weak, the media prices artificially high not or not contradictory problems.It will also require the efforts of LED display manufacturers, system developers, advertising operators, advertisers and after-sales service providers.

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