How to make stage LED display and lighting perfect combination?

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In recent years, LED display technology has developed rapidly, and LED display equipment has become more and more advanced in technology and maturity, and its involved fields and contents have become more and more extensive.On the stage of TV art programs, represented by CCTV Spring Festival gala, the most dazzling should be a variety of LED display screen.Them to elaborate the basis of the various images and dynamic video image, from the stage of the up and down or so nearly seamless pieced together in all directions, forming a near perfect stage space, along with hundreds of mechanical lifting stage, its creators of the design from the original stage mesa on further extension, really make the dot, line, face on the stage show have become a part of the dance beautiful art, such as augmented reality, created a also is true for the audience of artistic atmosphere, brings great impact on the vision and enjoy. However, the large-scale application of LED screen also has some adverse effects on the artistic creation of stage lighting.Small editor summed up these adverse effects, and found out how to use LED screen reasonably, so that the light and LED display screen perfect combination, complementary.led display screen Adverse effect (1) the stage of many parties is now, to some extent, a large box that glows. Its brightness (though adjustable), color temperature and color are unprecedented.The stage light, especially the facial light of the characters, is difficult to be integrated with, and it often appears that the background is too bright and too prominent, resulting in the appearance of the characters with insufficient facial illumination, graying complexion, and impenetrable images. (2) the traditional stage, stage scenery left empty black part shall be the responsibility of the lights to create a play to further, or bright or dim the lights and the beautiful scenery of shape formation is a mix between, mutual benefit, complement arity, the relationship between the point and line to plane, space feels dye-in-the-wood.In contrast, the stage of some of today's party, almost all the corners are all LED display, although the picture is very beautiful, but the sense that gives a person is too full, too "wall", or even give a person a kind of depressive feeling.Once some images are black, it doesn't leave enough space for the light to make up for the empty black.In a sense, this itself violates the rules of dance design. (3) the design of LED screen is often in conflict with the beam, pattern and color of the computer lamp. However, according to the current practice of CCTV, the light basically sacrifices its own effect to ensure the LED picture. The second The solution First, change the lighting design concept In the traditional TV lighting production, it reflects the contrast relation of the object's brightness.When the illumination and contrast meet the requirements, the picture level, color and clarity can all achieve satisfactory results.And applied to the LED large screen as the main background TV gala, juicers, when the design must be illuminated features into consideration, as a large LED lamps and lanterns, because of the video content is different, the light and shade, color also has different change, in does not affect the stage effect and guarantee under the premise of basic illumination, constantly adjust the lighting layout, not only to reasonable use than the brightness of the light, the light, the level contrast control good actor character, scenery, also need to the actors and the balance of light-emitting LED large screen brightness, mastering stage integral color changes;Make the color warm tone and content of the evening lights harmonious and unified, make the LED screen fully integrated into the TV stage, integrate with the TV lights, and let the TV pictures get the true and natural color restore. Second, adjust the light ratio, aperture, color temperature and video (1) the dimmer than The light ratio between the face and the background can be reduced by increasing the brightness of the characters in the stage performance area or reducing the brightness of the large screen. (2) set the aperture In actual recorded during rehearsal, juicers and video technicians will first determined based on the program form a basic aperture range, the range to the camera keep the best working state, namely the F4 ~ F5.6.Finish the basic lighting arrangement required by the camera within this aperture, determine the brightness of the LED screen, and make the art decorations of computer lamp and effect lamp.In this way, video technicians of each program can adjust the aperture in a small range on this basis to ensure the visual effect and technical quality requirements of the picture. (3) balance color temperature Now popular use a lot of computer lamp to do face light, used namely high color temperature lamps.Because of LED large screen for high temperature equipment, if the amount of around 2800 K to 3200 K using low color temperature of lamps and lanterns, to the face for exposure exposure, shooting out of LED large screen will appear blue, make the color distortion;If the surface light is adjusted to a high color temperature lamp, it will be consistent with the large screen at the back, so that the image can be presented in a consistent manner. (4) materials displayed on large LED screens can be appropriately adjusted Because of the use of large-scale LED screens, the resulting brightness will directly affect the stage lighting.We can consider the large LED screen as part of the stage lighting at the beginning of the lighting design.Measure the average brightness, played all the material editor in advance to adjust the video playback material screen brightness and color, and according to the requirements of the actual program background material, lighting design, on the basis of does not affect the overall effect of large screen, adjust the brightness, and will be the basis of the calculation into the light of the light intensity of illumination, the big screen playing fuses material content as part of the lighting design consideration, so also can minimize the influence of the big screen to control the lighting and camera aperture.

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